DTCP Seeks Stay On Lease Deed Of Raheja Developers And Brisk Infrastructure

DTCP Seeks Stay on Lease Deed Of Raheja Developers And Brisk Infrastructure

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The town and country planning department (DTCP) has recommended that all projects of two developers be stopped from registering sale and lease deeds because they failed to pay for structural audits of their residential societies in Gurugram.

Despite repeated reminders, district town planner Amit Madholia wrote to deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav that Raheja Developers and Brisk Infrastructure had failed to deposit the audit amounts.

The district administration finalized a panel of four agencies in the first week of August this year to carry out structural audits of 16 housing societies where residents alleged serious flaws in construction quality.

The agencies were to be paid Rs 1.75 per square feet, with the developers bearing the cost of the audit. In the second week of September, the developers were instructed to deposit the funds in the district administration’s escrow account.

Madholia stated that reminders were sent to the developers on September 24 and October 6 to deposit the amount for the audits. On October 28, the deputy commissioner called a meeting and gave the developers 7 days to pay their debts.

According to the account statements on November 11, however, no payment was made by the two developers, according to Madholia’s letter. If lease deed execution is halted, 16 Raheja Developers projects and one Brisk Infrastructure project will be impacted.

While Brisk could not be reached for comment, a spokesperson for Raheja stated, “We have requested that the department include our projects in the structural audit process because we did not design or build them.”

The department has been asked to address the issue with the agencies that built and supervised these projects.


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