A 500-Acre Biodiversity Park And Lake Will Be Built In Gurugram Soon

A 500-Acre Biodiversity Park and Lake Will Be Built in Gurugram Soon

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A Biodiversity Park on approximately 420 acres will be developed in three Gurugram villages: Damdama, Khedla, and Abhaypur. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar officially launched the project and said that the Biodiversity Park will be constructed in four stages.

He stated that the government is working to make this area a tourist destination. Damdama Lake will be expanded to approximately 80 acres.

The CM stated that, in addition to the development of a Biodiversity Park and Lake, a jungle safari in the Aravalli hills of Gurugram and Nuh districts is being considered. This will also promote tourism and provide people with employment opportunities.

Along with studying the plants and soil of the area, the first phase will include the construction of a nursery and the cleaning of the lake. Watershed management and tree planting will begin in the second phase, the lake will be developed in the third phase, and the plantation will be completed in the fourth phase.

He stated that the Damdama Lake renovation would take four years and that the development of the Biodiversity Park would take ten years. Meanwhile, the CM urged everyone to conserve water. “Each of us must manage and make good use of available water, or future generations will face water scarcity,” he added.

According to Khattar, the underground water level is constantly depleting, and if it continues to fall, there will be a water shortage in the future.

As a result, everyone must be aware and do their part to conserve and harvest water. This is a matter of life and death, not politics, so everyone should work together to conserve water and plant more trees, he added.

We all must use treated water for agriculture, irrigation, and other purposes. In the new colonies, a double water pipe line is being laid, with clean drinking water coming in one line and treated water coming in the other.

Source: Times of India

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