Government Boundaries Have Been Redrawn, With The Dwarka Expressway Serving As A Dividing Line

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The state government issued a notification on Friday changing the boundaries of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and Manesar Corporation to clarify the administrative jurisdictions of the corporations (MCM).

The MCG and MCM boundaries have been redefined while keeping the Dwarka Expressway as a physical line. The MCM will gain jurisdiction over the western side of the motorway, increasing its jurisdiction area by approximately 5000 square metres.

At the time of the development of the MCM in December 2020, authority was decided on the basis of the revenue boundaries of villages, and most of the sectors from 77 to 95 came under its limits.

However, this caused confusion about civic amenities at several societies in the new sectors, particularly sectors 82, 83, 84, and 88, because they were partly in MCM areas and partly in MCG, causing residents to be confused about essential civic services.

There was a need to change the boundaries of municipal bodies based on physical features rather than revenue boundaries. The government has redefined the municipal boundaries keeping Dwarka Expressway as a physical line between the two municipal bodies.

The areas falling on the western side of the motorway are now under MCM’s jurisdiction, while the eastern part will come under MCG limits. This will remove any confusion and disputes over municipal jurisdiction.

MCM has also been extended to sectors 76 and 99 by the government. Thousands of families living in these sectors who have been demanding clear demarcation of municipal bodies will benefit from the decision.

Due to the fractional inclusion of some sectors into MCG and MCM, the development work has been stopped in the area as nobody wanted to take a risk. Residents are having difficulty obtaining their property IDs and certificates. Sanitation work is not being done because municipal bodies’ jurisdictions are unclear. Now, there will be a detailed sideline, which will further avoid any confusion in this area.

Source- Times of India

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