DTCP Has Approved the Operation Of Guesthouses In Gurugram’s 5 Prime Sectors

DTCP Has Approved the Operation Of Guesthouses In Gurugram's 5 Prime Sectors

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The department of town and country planning (DTCP) has given property owners in five prime sectors to apply for a change in land use (CLU) within two months if they intend to run guesthouses from their properties.

According to the DTCP director general’s order, plot owners in five sectors as 26A, 27, 28, 42, and 43, can apply for a land-use change to operate guesthouses.

“Because the department has capped the total area for guesthouses in all residential colonies and sectors,” a senior official explained, adding that the department will begin the auction process for granting CLU permissions if the number of applications exceeds a certain threshold.

He stated that the department would provide any information on guidelines, planning parameters, and the scrutiny process, among other things. According to the state policy, a guesthouse can be built on a plot with a minimum size of 500 square yards located on 24-metre-wide road with a service lane.

There is also a limit on the size of guesthouses, which is 1.25 acres per sector. After the chief minister’s office received several complaints about guesthouses and paying guest (PG) facilities in residential areas in 2017. It was announced that a policy would be developed to govern such establishments, and the MCG was tasked with surveying guesthouses in all four zones. 

Many such facilities are operating in violation of the new guesthouse policy when the department is struggling to control the creation of illegal guesthouses.

According to a recent DTCP survey, the report of which was submitted last month, there are approximately 1,400 illegal guesthouses operating and occupying more than 100 acres of land in prime areas of the city.

The survey also discovered that there are a total of 2080 both legal and illegal guesthouses operating within the city limits. These guesthouses cover approximately 145 acres of prime land.

Source- ET

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