Gurugram City Roads Will Be Upgraded By June 2024, According To GMDA

Gurugram City Roads Will Be Upgraded By June 2024, According To GMDA

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The newly formed Residents Advisory Council (RAC) of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) was informed that by June 2024, most of the roads in Gurugram would receive specialized repairs and upgrades to provide better connectivity and commuting experiences to residents.

When the RAC met for the first time, Sudhir Rajpal, CEO of the GMDA, informed the council that work was underway to add 70 km of cycle paths and footpaths to the city in order to ensure a comprehensive network for non-motorized transportation.

The Infra 2 divisions of the GMDA briefed the RAC on the significant work being done for water supply augmentation and distribution, laying of the drainage network, and sewerage treatment.

The authority’s GIS division also let the council know that all of the infrastructure for roads, water, and sewage had been mapped, and an ID had been made for better management and upkeep.

The goal of RAC is to monitor the execution of the annual action plan for infrastructure development, mobility management plan, and sustainable management of the urban environment, according to the GMDA Act.

In order to produce results-driven output for the benefit of all citizens, Rajpal said, “We welcome the participation and valuable inputs of the RAC members towards the various projects helmed by GMDA.”

During the meeting, the authority’s Infra 1 division announced that it has already taken on 40 road-related projects in Gurgaon.

Bodh Raj Sikri and JN Mangla, members of the RAC, requested authorization for commercial vehicles serving small industries to operate at night if they used environmentally friendly fuel. Commander Udayvir Yadav, a different participant, brought up the problem of encroachments throughout the city. 

Rajpal declared at the meeting’s conclusion that the RAC would participate in the decision-making process and that their suggestions and input would be considered for further discussion and action with the relevant departments.

Source- Hindustan Times

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