Builders Ask To Frame Norms For Construction Of Stilt-Plus-Fourth-Floor In Gurugram

Builders Ask To Frame Norms For Construction Of Stilt-Plus-Fourth-Floor In Gurugram

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Gurugram Developers want that the city’s infrastructure must be upgraded and the stilt-plus-four-floors policy restored. They claimed that because there is such a high demand for residential floors in the city, there is a need for establishing criteria for building, the environment, and other concerns associated with fourth floors.

The developers met with P Raghavendra, the chairman of the expert committee established to look into the stilt plus floor issue. The developers are all members of the Gurgaon Home Developers Association.

According to the members, there is a great need for buildings with four floors in the city, therefore, the committee should set norms, improve infrastructure, and develop means to monitor violations rather than outlawing such structures.

External development charges were set in 2019 when registration of the fourth floor as an independent dwelling unit was permitted, and the government has since then earned almost Rs 1000 crore from these fees, the members claimed in a report provided to the committee.

The association’s president, Narender Yadav, stated, “The property owner pays a fee for floor area ratio (FAR) and EDC costs to the government for the permission of fourth floor development.

In addition, since 2009, an additional 1% of stamp duty has been imposed in the name of infrastructure improvement. Additionally, enormous sums are collected in the form of external development fees that are not used to build infrastructure or facilities.

The much-debated policy enabling the construction of the fourth floor in licenced colonies and HSVP sectors was agreed to remain in place by the state government on February 22.

The deadline to make comments on the fourth floor issue has now been extended by one week by the department of town and rural planning, with a new deadline of April 13. The district town planner’s office has issued a directive in this respect.


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