Chintels Paradiso Has Four Months To Pay Buyers And Three Years To Rebuild The Apartments

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The district government came up with a definitive plan for occupants of towers that an IIT-Delhi panel found unfit for habitation after holding meetings with all parties involved in the Chintels Paradiso condominium in Sector 109.

They can choose to reside at the same property and developers will construct new flats for them in three years, or they can choose to receive a complete payback of their flat’s cost at the current valuation.

According to officials, it was decided in the meeting led by Gurugram deputy commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav on Wednesday that the developer will also be required to reimburse those apartment owners who paid the stamp duty and for interior work want a complete repayment.

According to district officials, if apartment owners choose to continue living in the same building, the developer will have to build new apartments within three years.

Along with representatives from the department of town and country planning (DTCP), the meeting was also attended by the top management of the real estate company and flat owners.

Renovations on a sixth-story apartment in Tower D caused a partial collapse of five floors, up to the first floor, on February 10, 2022, which resulted in the deaths of two persons.

After the event, the Haryana government opened a criminal inquiry against the developer and carried out a district-level examination, which turned up a number of quality problems in the towers’ building and design that contributed to their collapse.

Although the condominium was only occupied for about five years, a three-member Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) committee formed to conduct a structural audit of the towers submitted a report in September 2020 noting that the structure deteriorated more quickly than anticipated.

According to the DC, the developer will pay back the owners’ stamp duty paid for registry together with the property worth estimated in dollars per square foot at the going rate.

The residents may select any of the two possibilities at their discretion. The reimbursement must be made by the developer to the homeowners who choose it within the next four months.

Neither a schedule for the developer’s reconstruction work nor a deadline for obtaining government clearances exist. According to Sonam Arora, treasurer of the Chintels Residents’ Welfare Association, “What we need is the government’s backing and guarantee that at the very least the developer will pay rent to those choosing the second option till the new flats are ready.


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