HSVP Will Auction 60 Acres Of Land In 17 Sectors Of Gurugram On May 28

Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) will auction a total of 28 plots in 17 sectors of Gurugram on May 28, with an estimated revenue generation of 250-300 crore. The auction will include 28 plots in various sectors and is designed for group housing developments.

The authority pulled some sites from the sale after complaints that four of them were in an area designated as gair mumkin nullah? The HSVP has also launched a large-scale demolition campaign to reclaim HSVP land from encroachers.

According to HSVP authorities, the auction of the plots totaling 60 acres is likely to earn 250 to 300 crore in revenue. The authorities also launched a large-scale demolition campaign last month to reclaim HSVP territory from encroachers.

However, the authorities have deleted a few plots from the sale after concerns were received that four sites in sectors 24/25A were located in an area designated as ‘gair mumkin nullah’. Construction and development are prohibited in regions designated as ‘gair mumkin pahar’ (hills) and ‘gair mumkin nullah’ (drains), according to experts.

The auction will take place on May 28 and will include 28 sites in sectors 9 (one), 9A (one), 10A (one), 24/25A (six), 28 (one), 31/32A (one), 37C (one), 38 (one), 39 (one), 42 (one), 43 (one), 45 (one), 48 (three), 49 (one), 53 (five), 54 (one), and 56 (one).

According to a senior HSVP official, the plots are being cleansed of encroachments and will be auctioned off for group housing developments. “We were able to clear all these sites, and will be auctioned soon.”

As far as sites that have been deleted from the auction list are concerned, it was revealed that these plots are located in ‘gair mumkin nullah’. “The Chandigarh headquarters has decided to put these plots on hold until there is more clarity,” he said.

Separately, the HSVP enforcement team began its anti-encroachment effort in Kanhai village on Thursday, clearing one acre of property despite considerable opposition from local inhabitants.

According to Sandeep Lot, HSVP sub-divisional officer, the authorities razed ten illegal residences built on HSVP land. “We have given one day’s notice to the owners of the illegally built shops and will be start razing them.” Illegal encroachment of HSVP land will not be tolerated,” he stated.

Source- Hindustan Times

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