June 2022

NRI Property

What Is The Process To Follow For NRI Buying Property In India?

As per RBI regulations, a non-resident Indian (NRI) may purchase some types of real estate, while others may need special approval. A non-resident Indian who wants to purchase real estate property in India is able to do so. However, his real estate investment must be made in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act's rules (FEMA). People of Indian descent who invest in real estate are...

Mivan shuttering


Mivan formwork is also known as aluminium formwork, and is made up of aluminium material in different parts like wall panels, deck panels, rockers, kickers, and others. These components make a mould called the Mivan framework system. Mivan shuttering leaves traditional construction behind and comes out on top. The majority of real estate developers in India have also hooked up with the Mivan...

Italian Marble

Types Of Italian Marble Used In India: Which One Is For You?

The gleaming and dazzling Italian marble is a stunning addition to any setting. The lustrous stretches of this brilliant marble add to the style element of any room and dining area. That's why Italian marble is so popular in India. The first choices for creating art works are Donatello and Michelangelo, Statuario and Calacatta marble. Italian marble is preferred by those who demand nothing less than...

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