Builder Of Affordable Houses Has To Pay For the Maintenance Of Adjoining Roads, And Parks

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The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) has issued a public notice regarding maintenance charges in affordable housing societies in Gurugram and has requested suggestions and objections.

This follows complaints from homebuyers of affordable housing projects that developers charge Maintenance fees ranging from 2.50 to 4 rupees per square foot, violating the Affordable Housing Policy 2013.

The policy states that no maintenance fees will be charged for the first five years after the occupation certificate (OC) issuance.

After that, all mandatory services to be provided by the developer include Maintenance of all roads, open spaces, public parks, public health services, annual maintenance charges for lifts, costs incurred for common area cleanliness, Maintenance of parking space, and maintenance and operating costs of sewage treatment plants.

The developer is also responsible for the provision of electricity in common areas, which includes the installation, upgrade, and maintenance of electrical equipment in common areas, such as electric poles, bulbs, and lamp posts, as well as the expenses incurred on the salaries of management staff and engineering manpower, such as plumbers and electricians.

The developer should also keep diesel generators on hand for backup power; however, the running costs will be borne by homebuyers. According to the notice, the maintenance fees that can be charged to homebuyers include consumption-based electricity bills, water bills proportional to net consumption, and doorstep waste collection.

According to the developer, any charges decided through a bilateral agreement, including security services, may also be charged. According to senior town planner Sanjeev Mann, this is a draught proposal on the maintenance fees levied in affordable housing projects. 

Any resident or developer can give their suggestions and objections on the same within 30 days. We have received numerous complaints about maintenance charge disagreements. However, once the proposal is approved, it will provide more clarity.


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