Circle Rate Gurgaon 2023 (Sector-Wise): Latest Gurgaon Circle Rate List

Circle Rate Gurgaon

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One important consideration while registering the property is the circle rate. It is the lowest price that the state government has set for property registration. The sub-register office is where the properties are registered. Download the updated circle rate Gurgaon 2022-23 pdf from Haryana government website.

The buyer must pay additional fees during the registration process, such as stamp duty and registration costs, in order to have the immovable property transferred into their name in the government’s records. Know in depth about the builder floor circle rate Gurgaon set by the government of Haryana.

The stamp duty in Gurgaon varies depending on the location and is determined by circle rates set by the Haryana government. The guiding value, collector rate, and ready reckoner rate are other names for the circular rate. This rate is known as the circular rate or collector rate in Gurgaon.

Know All About The Circle Rate Gurgaon

The Gurgaon circle rate is updated twice a year to reflect changes in real estate market prices. The Gurgaon district government has decided not to alter the circular fees for 2023 because to the pandemic. The following variables cause the circle rate in Gurgaon to differ amongst localities:

  • The stamp and registration value
  • The available infrastructure and amenities
  • Current Market Value
  • Type of property, whether it is apartments, plots, and independent house

Current Circle Rates In Key Sectors Of Gurugram 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, understanding the pulse of property values is paramount. As we step into 2023, Gurgaon stands as a dynamic hub with a real estate market that’s constantly in flux. Download circle rate Gurgaon 2022-23 to compare the existing circle rate.

One of the vital metrics guiding property transactions is the Circle Rate, a factor that goes beyond mere numbers and shapes the real estate narrative. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the Current Circle Rates in Key Sectors of Gurgaon for 2023.

The circle rate Gurgaon in key sectors for 2023 are listed below:

SectorsCircle rate (per square ft)
Sector 63INR 3,500
Sector 62INR 3,500
Sector 61INR 3,500
Sector 60INR 3,500
Sector 59INR 3,500
Sector 58INR 3,500
Sector 57INR 5,000
Sector 56INR 5,000
Sector 55INR 5,000
Sector 54INR 5,000
Sector 53INR 5,000
Sector 52INR 5,000
Sector 51INR 5,000
Sector 50INR 5,000
Sector 46INR 5,000
Sector 43INR 5,000
Sector 41INR 5,000
Sector 40INR 5,000
Sector 31 – 32AINR 5,000
Sector 30INR 5,000

Circle Rate Gurgaon: Plots In Licensed Colonies for 2023

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on circle rates for plots in licensed colonies in Gurgaon in 2023. Checking with the local revenue or municipal authorities, as they are the entities responsible for setting and updating these rates.

You can visit the official website of the Haryana government or the Gurgaon district administration for the latest circulars and notifications regarding circle rates. There is no big change in circle rate Gurgaon 2022 beside the big changes in the property value.

Real estate agents, local development authorities, or property consultants in Gurgaon may also have the latest information on circle rates for plots in licensed colonies. Keep in mind that circle rates can vary based on the location, size, and category of the property, so it’s essential to obtain accurate and specific information for the area you are interested in.

LocalityCircle rate (per sqft)
Palam ViharINR 6,600
DLF Phase IIINR 7,000
License colonies in sectorsINR 2,830
Sector-wise HUDA Circle Rate Gurgaon 2023

Circle rates are subject to change, and the most accurate and up-to-date information can be obtained from local authorities, government websites, or official notifications. For the latest sector-wise HUDA circle rate Gurgaon for 2023, check Haryana government’s official website, the Gurgaon district administration, or contacting the local revenue or municipal authorities.

Real estate professionals, property consultants, or HUDA offices in Gurgaon may also provide the most recent and detailed information on sector-wise circle rates. Keep in mind that circle rates can vary based on the specific location, size, and category of the property, so it’s crucial to obtain accurate and specific details for the previous circle rates as circle rate Gurgaon 2017-18.

LocalityCircle rate (per sq yard)
Sector 18,19,20NA
Sector 25NA
Sector 104,105,106,109,110,110A,111,112,113, 114INR 30,000
Sector 21,22,22A,23,23AINR 35,000
Sector 1,2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,12,12A,13INR 35,000
Sector 38INR 40,000
Sector 14,15,16,17,40INR 45,000
Sector 42,43INR 50,000
Circle Rate Gurgaon 2023: Multi-Story Group Housing by Builder Floor
LocalityCircle rate (per sq ft)
DLF Colony OldINR 6,000
Sector 1,2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,12,12A,13,14,15,16,17,21,22,22A,23,23A,38,40,42,43INR 5,000
Sectors 104 to 115INR 3,000

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