Construction On The IGI Airport Tunnel Is Expected To Begin In Two Months

Construction On The IGI Airport Tunnel Is Expected To Begin In Two Months
South Delhi-bound motorists who encounter traffic bottlenecks on Nelson Mandela Marg on their way to the T3 airport terminal and Gurgaon will soon find relief when construction on the central government’s proposed tunnel begins in two months.

The tunnel, which will run from Vasant Kunj Nelson Mandela Marg to Shiv Murti in Mahipalpur and cost around Rs 2,000 crore, has been cleared, according to South Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri. When finished, it will be feasible to go to the airport and Gurgaon without encountering traffic.

After redesigning the project and removing any remaining technical barriers, the government gave the construction approval. This tunnel will be among the widest in the nation at 14 metres.

According to senior officials, the Dwarka Expressway, Nelson Mandela Road, and the Delhi-Jaipur highway will all be connected after the 5-km tunnel’s construction. The tunnel would relieve congestion in south Delhi neighbourhoods.

Vehicles coming from north Delhi on the Dwarka Expressway would be able to travel directly to NH 148AE by means of the tunnel and Shiv Murti. At this time, it takes about 13 kilometres to get there.

According to sources, the NHAI has requested bids from construction firms. The project must be finished within the following four years in accordance with the requirements established. It would need to be kept up for the following ten years by the agency.

A top official claimed that the detail project report had been authorized six months prior, but that later technical revisions had been suggested by some specialists.

The distance is approximately eight kilometres from NH-148AE at National Mandela Marg from NH-248 BB (Dwarka Motorway) and NH-48 (Delhi-Jaipur) at shiv murti chowk.

Because it’s a national route, there is a lot of traffic here, which leads to backups during rush hour. The trip will be shortened to about 5 kilometres after the tunnel is completed.
Source- TOI

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