DLF Would Purchase A Portion Of Companies That Control 63 Acres Of Land In Gurugram


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Three land-owning companies (LOCs) and six affiliates, which together own over 63 acres of land parcels in and around Gurugram. As per the deal the portions of their ownership transferred to DLF limited. The total transaction cost was reported as Rs 40 crore in a BSE filing.

The acquisition of 5.22% of Invecon and 4.48% and 3.24% of its affiliates, Vikram Electric Equipments and Uni International, respectively, from current individual shareholders has been approved by the company’s board of directors.

According to the regulatory filing, the LOCs jointly own more than 63 acres of land in and around Gurugram.

Along with its six other affiliates, Prewitt Builders & Constructions, Berit Builders & Developers, Adoncia Builders & Developers, Amandla Builders & Developers, Murdock Builders & Developers, and Manini Real Estates, the business is executing definitive agreement(s) with the sellers and the LOCs.

Following execution, the corporation would establish subsidiaries consisting of the three LOCs and their six affiliates. After final agreements are executed, the acquisition should be finished in 180 days.

Global Health Limited And DLF Group Unite For A Mega 400-Bed Hospital

In addition, DLF provided an update on its previous declaration that it will be collaborating with Medanta to build a 400-bed multispecialty hospital in Greater Kailash, Delhi.

The board’s finance committee authorized the firm or its subsidiary to enter into, carry out, and execute definitive agreements with Global Health Ltd. In order to create a special purpose vehicle for the development, management, and operation of super specialty hospitals in the nation’s capital.

The corporation would subscribe for a fifty percent share in the special-purpose vehicle, as would GHL, which runs the Medanta brand. An agreement has been reached between Global Health Limited and DLF Group to establish a 400-bed multi-super specialty hospital in Greater Kailash-I, the center of Delhi, offering the best possible healthcare.

The new business will be owned equally by DLF and Medanta. Medanta will oversee day-to-day operations and manage the hospital, with DLF serving as a strategic investor. Modern medical and surgical treatments in more than 20 super specialties including cardiac sciences, neurosciences, orthopaedics, kidney, liver, lung, and heart transplants, and many facilities will be offered by the super speciality hospital.

Unravelling The Dynamics Of DLF Limited On The NSE

DLF Limited, a well-known real estate developer in India, trades its shares on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). As of today, the DLF share price varies upon the market dynamics and the overall performance of the company. Investors closely monitor the DLF share price today to make informed decisions.

The NSE serves as a platform for trading DLF shares, reflecting market sentiment and economic trends. The share price of dlf is influenced by factors such as project developments, financial results, and overall real estate market conditions.

Potential investors often analyse historical data and current trends before engaging in DLF share transactions. Dlf share price nse is trading around 600 in the third quarter of the year 2023.

Source- ET

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