Dwarka Expressway Service Roads Work Is All Set To Start In January 2024

Dwarka Expressway

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The construction of service roads along the Dwarka Expressway is awaiting work allocation because the project has yet to be approved by the GMDA CEO, a senior official said on Monday. The project will not be submitted to the purchase committee until it has been approved.

According to officials, the approval and allotment process will be completed soon, and construction will begin in January.

“We resubmitted the case for approval after the CEO requested clarification.” Following approval, it will be assigned to a high-powered purchase committee for final negotiations with various bidders.

We expect the process to be completed soon, and work to begin in January of next year,” the official added. The Authority anticipates that the new sectors will make intra-city travel easier for commuters and residents.

The project is estimated to cost Rs 93.2 crore, and the service roads are expected to be completed in two and a half years following the allotment work. As a result, the roads could be operational by mid-2026, according to an authority official.

The service roads will be built over a 15.3km stretch on both sides of the Expressway between sectors 81 and 115, according to the plan.

While the majority of land is already available to the GMDA, officials stated that some parcels of land have yet to be handed over to the development authority.

It will improve mobility in new sectors along the Dwarka Expressway when the service road is completed. The residents will no longer have to take long alternative route for inter-sector commutes.

While 95% of the land has been cleared and acquired, we are coordinating with the relevant departments for the remaining patches,” the official added.

Despite being states most thriving city, the basic civic infrastructure is lacking here. Service lanes, green belts, drainage systems, and pedestrian pathways are basic infrastructure requirements in any large cities like Gurugram that are either missing or delayed in the majority of large-scale infrastructure projects.

The project has already been delayed by four years; the GMDA should now expedite the work,” said Sunil Sareen, a resident of Imperial Gardens.

The service lanes that can cater to the needs of light motor vehicles are badly needed along the Dwarka Expressway. “Both sides of the Dwarka Expressway area have been rapidly growing, and in the absence of a service lane, the area becomes prone to accidents.


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