Elevated Link Road Between Dwarka Expressway And Sohna In Pipeline

Dwarka Expressway

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The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) intends to construct an elevated road between these expressways, linking the clover leaf structure on the Dwarka expressway and Vatika Chowk, to enable efficient traffic flow between the Dwarka expressway and the elevated road at Sohna.

The plan to engage a project consultant, who would draft an extensive project report, was authorized by the GMDA on Monday. According to a top GMDA official, this report would be written and presented for approval at the authority’s next meeting, which the chief minister of Haryana will chair.

Similar Structure Is Planned For The 3.6-Kilometer Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway

To help with vehicle traffic flow from the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) side to the Sohna elevated road, a trumpet tower or similar structure is planned for the 3.6-kilometer elevated length of the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway that runs from Vatika Chowk to the clover leaf.

Additionally, it will guarantee that cars may reach the surface level in order to access Sohna Road and the Golf Course Extension Road. In order to facilitate easy access for automobiles from the Dwarka expressway to the Sohna elevated road, the GMDA intends to construct an elevated road from the clover leaf to the Vatika Chowk on Sohna Road. The GMDA CEO gave his consent for the same.

A top GMDA official who was aware of the situation stated that the authority will shortly appoint a project consultant to create a thorough project report for this reason.

In order to get to Vatika Chowk on Sohna Road, cars coming from the Dwarka expressway now utilize the clover leaf road to cross the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway and then travel the Southern Peripheral Road at the surface level. To reach the Sohna elevated stretch, they must next travel a few kilometers and use the extremely crowded service lanes of Sohna Road.

According to GMDA representatives, motorists traveling between the Dwarka expressway, Sohna elevated road, and the Mumbai expressway would have seamless connection thanks to the proposed elevated road.

In the next years, we anticipate more traffic on this stretch, and the SPR section if it isn’t connected to these expressways will turn into a bottleneck. Local commuters would also benefit immensely from the development of this elevated route, according to the GMDA representative.

The administration had previously proposed utilizing ramps to connect Sohna Road with SPR, but the plan was abandoned because of Vatika Chowk’s limited area.


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