HSVP Plans To Develop 11 New Residential Sectors In Gurugram District


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The state’s urban planning organization, Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP), plans to build 11 new residential sectors in the Gurugram district, which includes Gurugram city, Sohna, Pataudi, and Farrukhnagar.

According to the officials, 1,845 acres of land have been recognized by HSVP as potentially useful for the development of residential areas. The cost of purchasing land is high in the current situation. Therefore, it has been agreed to create residential areas through land partnerships, land pooling, or the e-Bhoomi site.

According to Vikas Dhanda, estate officer one, HSVP, Gurugram, “about 11 sectors are proposed to be developed in the city. We will soon initiate the process and reach out to owners with proposals.”

Gurugram Expansion: 5,000 Acres For New Sectors Across Haryana

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave his approval for the building of these residential sectors and instructed the agency to buy 5,000 acres of land as soon as possible to help with the creation of new sectors throughout Haryana, according to a state government spokesman.

According to TL Satyaprakash, chief administrator of HSVP, the authority would endeavor to pool land for the development of residential areas. He said, “Efforts will be made to acquire land and develop residential sectors across the state, including Gurugram, as per the directions of the CM.”

According to HSVP authorities, land parcels in Pataudi sectors 2, 3, and 4 (643 acres), Farrukhnagar sectors 3 (263 acres), Sohna sectors 32 and 34 (463 acres), Gurugram sectors 68–70 (150 acres), and sectors 36A and 37 (326.17 acres) have been identified under the land pooling program.

The Innovative Methods To Overcome Land Acquisition Challenges In Gurugram

“These lots would be offered to landowners as options for e-bhoomi, land pooling, or land partnership,” stated a proposal from the HSVP chief town planner to the administrator in Gurugram.

As Khattar presided over the agency’s 126th meeting in Chandigarh, he also gave the order for HSVP to thoroughly list all of its assets, whether they be residential, commercial, or institutional. He gave the order that any land-related petitions that local residents made to estate officials in the field were to be reported to the headquarters without fail and as soon as possible.

Land Pooling Program Revealed: Key Sectors Identified For Development

Any land owner expressing interest in contributing land for the project for the designated development purpose may apply under the land pooling policy directly or through an aggregator. It is possible for several farmers or landowners to offer their property in exchange for transferable TDR rights.

Any farmer can offer land for purchase to the state government through the e-bhoomi portal, either on their own or through a listed aggregator. In order for the authorities to make a decision, the landowner or aggregator must also specify the prices at which they are ready to sell the property.

In the meanwhile, property owners and development organizations can work together to accomplish land development goals through the land partnership policy.

What Is E-Bhoomi Portal Haryana?

Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, unveiled a new e-Bhoomi platform that aims to streamline the procedure of acquiring land for government projects with landowner permission.

He stated that the new portal’s land offer will be good for six months. Land might be offered by farmers directly or through aggregators that are advertised. Aggregator voluntary proposals are now required to include a minimum of 10 acres.

Khattar launched the “No-Litigation Policy-2023 portal” as a further step toward addressing the 2011 land acquisition concerns for the growth of the Industrial Model Township (IMT) Manesar.


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