HUDA City Centre Metro Station Will Be Renamed As The Millennium City Centre

HUDA City Centre Metro Station Will Be Renamed As The Millennium City Centre

According to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials, the HUDA City Centre metro station in Gurgaon will now be called as the Millennium City Centre station.

DMRC had already announced that Gurugram City Centre would be the station’s new name. The announcement was made public in the evening.

The station is located on the Yellow Metro Line, which links South, Central, and North Delhi with Gurgaon.

According to Metro officials, a process has begun to progressively change the name on all official paperwork, signage, and announcements.

According to sources, the Haryana Mass Rapid Transport Corporation Limited requested the name change.

The DMRC has modified the names of stations before, either to reflect a change in the area’s name or to better link the station name with well-known landmarks. Sometimes station names are altered to honour well-known people.

Following the renaming of the street it opened on, the Race Course Road station’s name was changed to Lok Kalyan Marg station in 2016.

Following a request by the Supreme Court, the name of the busy Pragati Maidan metro station on the Blue Line was changed to Supreme Court metro station in 2019.

The 49-km Yellow Line’s terminus is the metro station in HUDA City Centre. Samyapur Badli metro station located at the other end of the route in northwest Delhi.

On June 21, 2010, the Qutub Minar-HUDA City Centre segment’s elevated HUDA City Centre metro station opened. Many Delhi Metro riders questioned the reasoning behind the station’s renaming.

Source- The Hindu

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