New ISBT To Come Up On 15 Acres Off Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram


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The Haryana transport department plans to construct a cutting-edge interstate bus terminal next to the Dwarka Expressway in Sector 36A. The new bus terminal will replace the existing one in Sector 12 in Gurugram.

The exact site at Sihi Village is close to Global City, the upcoming heliport, and a planned RRTS corridor stop. Bids would probably be floated to initiate the processes, according to officials.

The state government has instructed the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) to give the transport department 15 acres of land for the new bus terminal at no cost.

Around 10,000 people travel through the city’s existing interstate bus terminal on a daily basis, according to estimates from Haryana transportation officials, and it is situated on a 13-acre property. However, because of its declining state, its main bus terminal building hasn’t been operational for a few years.

HSIIDC Grants 15 Acres For New ISBT – A Game-Changer For Gurugram

Rather, the terminal is housed in a temporary structure that can accommodate between 100 and 150 people. Additionally, the conductors and drivers operate out of temporary buildings. Not only is the repair workshop run-down, but the general manager’s office is housed in a makeshift hut.

The department has designed multi-story, centrally air-conditioned office buildings with a waiting space that can accommodate 500–1,000 passengers, a food court, and a shopping mall for the new terminal. However, because HSIIDC has not yet decided which 15 acres of property it would offer the transport department, development on the new terminal has not begun.

The 145-acre site in Sector 36A designated for major infrastructure projects includes the 15 acres planned for the port, according to authorities. According to officials, the projects’ final plan is still pending, therefore they are unsure of which section of the 145-acre plot should be given to the transportation department for the transfer of 15 acres.

Multi-Story, Centrally Air-Conditioned Terminal Redefining Passenger Comfort

The general manager of Haryana Roadways, Pardeep Kumar (Gurugram), stated that HSIIDC had contacted their headquarters to get clarity on the final plan or land demarcation. “To finalize the layout, a letter has been sent to the HSIIDC headquarters.”

The architectural plan for the terminal will be produced for the commencement of construction when we actively pursue the land transfer, according to Kumar. The HSIIDC deputy general manager (engineering division), Arun Kumar Garg, said that they had got permission to transfer 15 acres of property in Sector 36A to the state transportation department.

“We have sent a request in writing to our headquarters to prepare the 145-acre area’s plan and determine which section of land should be marked off for the terminal. “We will be ready to transfer the land as soon as the layout is ready,” stated Garg.

Big Relief To Jams With The Relocation Of Gurugram’s Interstate Bus Terminal

Massive traffic jams on Old Gurugram’s roadways are another issue with the modern interstate terminal. Around Sadar Bazaar, Bus Stand Road, New Railway Road, Old Railway Road, MG Road, and Old Gurugram-Delhi Road, there should be less traffic congestion thanks to the new terminal.

Hundreds of autorickshaws and other passenger cars will no longer be on the streets of Old Gurugram when the depot moves to its new site. In addition, the buses won’t have to go via any municipal roads in order to enter the Dwarka Expressway or Central Peripheral Road, he said.

From the current depot, which links Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, among other states, more than 400 government and private buses run from other states.


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