NHAI Approves To Connect Dwarka Expressway With Sector Roads In Gurugram

NHAI Approves To Connect Dwarka Expressway With Sector Roads In Gurugram

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) agreed to purchase land at eight locations along the Dwarka Expressway under the NHAI Act to connect city sector roads with the Expressway.

The NHAI chairman Santosh Kumar Yadav approved the idea after inspecting the Gurugram section of Dwarka expressway. Partial work is still ending on the stretch, Gurugram district administration officials said during the NHAI chairman visit, and it would soon be ready for traffic.

The CEO of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), PC Meena, who was present during the inspection, stated that they had previously discussed a proposal with the chairman of the NHAI regarding the acquisition of land at eight crucial places.

As we got the final approval, GMDA will make a proposal within a week, and we are prepared to deposit the funds for land purchase. Meena stated that the NHAI would be responsible for carrying out the infrastructure-building work and that it was simpler to acquire land under the NHAI Act.

The NHAI chairman visited the 18.9 kilometre project in Gurugram and assessed the progress being made. At the cloverleaf near Kherki Daula, he instructed the officials to employ the Miyawaki approach to create a green stretch.

The Miyawaki forest system enables dense tree planting across a small area, resulting in an abundance of vegetation.

The NHAI-organized exhibition on the Dwarka Expressway project served as the centrepiece of the chairman’s visit. Later, he looked over the section of Expressway that runs from Bajghera to Kherki Daula. He was accompanied during the inspection by PC Meena, the CEO of the GMDA, and Nishant Kumar Yadav, the deputy commissioner of Gurugram.

The 29 km long Dwarka Expressway is being constructed in four stages. After numerous delays, the 7,000 crore project was finally turned over to NHAI by the Haryana government in 2016.

The chairman’s unplanned visit to evaluate the Expressway project and encourage officials and contractors to move the project along as quickly as possible.

Source- Hindustan Times

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