PM Modi To Launch 200 Crore Gurugram Railway Station Renovation Project

PM Modi To Launch 200 Crore Gurugram Railway Station Renovation Project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lay the foundation work on the renovation of Gurugram, Rewari, and Pataudi railway stations as part of his vision to revamp the NCR railway stations.

The Gurugram railway station will be renovated in two phases with a total of 200 crore budget, while Pataudi and Rewari will be upgraded with 7 and 12 crores budget respectively. Gurugram MP Rao Inderjeet Singh made this announcement after he met with Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav.

Gurugram is an emerging city, but the railway station’s basic structure requires a significant makeover. The construction was already underway, and PM Modi will now begin the massive revamp project.

The warehouse and freight routes that are developing in the area will benefit greatly from improved rail connectivity. Upgrades to the passenger seating configurations, train displays, footover bridge, and waiting rooms are all part of the redevelopment project.

There will be a number of entry and exit points made at the Gurgaon railway station. The Garhi Harsaru to Farukhnagar-Delhi DEMU train was stopped during the COVID and has not yet been restarted, according to information provided to the Railway Minister regarding the demand for Farukhnagar daily railway passengers.

In light of the demand from the passengers, he suggested it should begin as soon as feasible. Additionally, the need for an underpass and footbridge at the Bhimgarh Khedi and Garhi Harsaru railway stations was brought up with the minister of transportation for railroads.

The existing officers were given instructions by the railway minister to report to him as soon as possible on the demands made. Additionally, it was intended to construct a washing facility at Rewari Railway Station. The railway minister further disclosed that starting in August, the Vande Bharat train will also stop at Rewari railway station.


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