Reason Why Gurugram Evolving Into A New Shanghai City?


The Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road, DMIC, future RRTS, and other current infrastructure developments have improved connectivity and increased demand for real estate in Delhi-NCR.

The founder and chairman of Signature Global (India) Limited, Pradeep Aggarwal, discussed the real estate market’s expansion and diversification in an exclusive interview. According to him, the infrastructure development projects in Gurugram boost its real estate market.

How Signature See The Vibrant Real Estate Market In Gurugram?

For the next three to five years, Signature Global intends to strategically concentrate on the mid-housing category in order to take advantage of Gurugram’s vibrant real estate market.

The business has projects totaling 17.3 million square feet now under construction, and another 27.4 million square feet in the pipeline. Its target markets include Dwarka Expressway, Sector 37D, Sector 71, South of Gurugram, and Manesar.

With the help of this concentrated strategy that focuses on both region and product, Signature Global is able to take advantage of new possibilities and solidify its position in Gurugram’s changing real estate market.

With a focus on timely completion between FY24 and FY26, the company intends to produce projects with significant saleable areas by using its strong track record, financial acumen, and effective business procedures.

With a focused approach, financial prudence, operational excellence, and timely project completion, Signature Global is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and establish itself in Gurugram’s micromarkets, ensuring long-term growth and value creation in the cutthroat real estate market.

What Are The Main Causes Of The Real Estate Industry’s Expansion In Gurugram?

The real estate market in Gurugram is expanding due to a number of important factors, including the existing and planned infrastructure projects. Gurugram is a desirable place to invest for both residential and business purposes because of its advantageous position, close proximity to Delhi, and well-developed infrastructure.

Strong connection to the city via major highways and metro networks improves accessibility and draws both inhabitants and companies. Further improving connectivity and driving up demand for real estate are ongoing infrastructure projects including as the Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road, DMIC, future RRTS, CPR, and the forthcoming Metro spur to Dwarka Expressway.

The demand for residential buildings is fueled by Gurugram’s changing economic landscape, which includes strong business centers and global businesses that draw in an increasing number of workers. These infrastructure developments serve as drivers for the region’s total real estate expansion as well as economic growth and job possibilities as Gurugram develops into a vibrant metropolitan hub.

How Do You Imagine The Gurugram Real Estate Market Growing?

Signature Global’s deliberate new releases and forthcoming projects demonstrate the company’s dedication to fostering diversification and growth of the Gurugram real estate market.

In order to provide a variety of housing solutions that meet a broad range of requirements and preferences, Signature Global focuses on the mid-housing market and targets certain populations. This strategy improves cost and accessibility for a wider range of homeowners in addition to adding to the market’s variety of choices.

We have instructed that we will begin work on an INR 8500 crore project that includes Gurugram’s Sectors 37D and 71. We anticipate having a big influence on the city’s real estate market with these services.

Our Sector 37D project is ideally located just off the Dwarka Expressway. All of our projects are made to cater to the changing needs of purchasers by putting a focus on cutting-edge design features, contemporary facilities, and a living environment that is fit for the future.

Gurugram’s real estate industry is made more expansive and diversified by Signature Global’s constant innovation and attention to the varied demands of the market, which promotes long-term growth and development.


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