The Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf Will Connect To NH-48 By End Of This Month

The Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf Will Connect To NH-48 By End Of This Month

The NHAI and highway contractor L&T confirmed that the work to connect the cloverleaf junction on the Dwarka Expressway with the NH-48, and the SPR near Kherki Daula will be finished by the end of the month. This will ensure seamless connectivity for commuters across all three roads.

Although both organizations claim that the road would be finished by the end of the month, neither was prepared to say for sure when it would be made open to traffic.

The 29 km long Dwarka Expressway is being built in four sections, with portions one and two going through Delhi and sections three and four, totaling around 18 km, going through Gurugram.

It begins at the Basai railway overbridge and terminates on the NH-48 close to Kherki Daula. This cloverleaf will connect the Dwarka Expressway with NH-48.

NHAI officials said that they had not received any instructions from the headquarters or Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, who was on an inspection visit to the Dwarka Expressway, regarding the opening of the cloverleaf and packages three and four of the Dwarka Expressway.

The cloverleaf’s Loop One is currently heavily used by commuters heading from sectors 81 to 95 in the direction of Rajiv Chowk. However, the service road is damaged in numerous locations and frequently floods near Narsinghpur that is the only way for them to reach NH-48.

According to an L&T spokesman, commuters can access the Dwarka Expressway, SPR, and NH-48 using a combination of ramps and loops on the four-way junction.

The work on the cloverleaf will be finished by the end of the month, but only the NHAI may decide whether to allow traffic on it, according to Tanmoy Chatterjee, project director at L&T.

According to officials with knowledge of the situation, the construction on the cloverleaf must be finished by September 15 or September 17.

The opening of the cloverleaf will significantly simplify commuting on both sides of NH-48, especially for people residing in sectors 81 to 95, according to Prakhar Sahay, an apartment owner on the Dwarka Expressway.

The service lane of NH-48, which joins the cloverleaf leaf to the highway, is now very congested with traffic. The road is also damaged and in poor condition. The cloverleaf’s opening will significantly reduce traffic, he claimed.


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