The GMDA Will Collaborate With The MCG To Create Green Belts In Gurugram

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) will form a joint committee to develop the city’s green belts. PC Meena, CEO of the GMDA, asked architects, landscapers and residents to submit proposals for improving green belts, crossroads and pathways.

The best suggestions will be recognised and adopted. The emphasis is on the city’s overall development and transformation. The GMDA will also install fencing along green belts to prevent encroachment and unlawful waste disposal. Work on replacing antiquated traffic signals with smart signals at 91 Gurugram intersections was recently awarded.

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) decided on Thursday to form a joint committee with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) to develop green belts around the city in an organised way and to resolve concerns concerning the preservation of existing green belts.

The decision was made by GMDA CEO PC Meena at the authority’s sixth residents advisory council (RAC) meeting held on Thursday. Meena also asked the authority’s urban environment section to ensure that green belts are lowered during monsoon season to collect rainwater, which will also aid in groundwater recharging.

“We are inviting architects, landscapers, and residents to submit conceptual plans and designs for cultivating the green belts, as well as road junctions, intersections, and footpaths.” The best proposals will be recognised and applied to improve the city’s appearance.

“A special emphasis is being placed on holistic development and remodelling of the city, and we intend to carry out the plans in a streamlined and well-structured manner,” Meena explained.

During the meeting, RAC members Sudakshini Laha and commander Udaybir Yadav emphasised that encroachments on green belts must be investigated on a priority basis, and regular drives must be performed to address issues such as jams caused by encroachments on green belts by street sellers.

After hearing about these concerns, Meena stated that fence will be installed around green belts to prevent encroachment and unlawful waste disposal.

According to the GMDA’s mobility division, work on converting old traffic signals into smart traffic signals using adaptive traffic control system (ATCS) at 91 junctions in Gurugram was recently awarded to a private agency, and the traffic signals will be linked to the GMDA’s integrated command centre for monitoring.


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