After Supertech Twin Towers, The Gurugram Administration Will Demolish The Chintels Towers

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The district administration announced on Saturday that a tower of the Chintels Paradiso society in Gurugram, which partially collapsed in February, killing two women, will be demolished, citing a report by an IIT Delhi team that discovered structural deficiencies “beyond repair.”

The dining room floor of a sixth-floor apartment in Tower D collapsed on February 10, killing two women and injuring several others.

The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the Noida Supertech Twin Towers on August 28. The two towers were brought down with approximately 3,700 kg of explosives, leaving the area in a sea of smoke and rubble.

While presenting the IIT Delhi report, Yadav stated that the entire Tower D of the society would be demolished because the report discovered structural flaws in the tower’s construction and declared it “uninhabitable.”

Gurugram Administration Orders Evacuation Of Two Towers In Chintels

Repair was not possible due to technical and financial constraints, according to the report. The authorities are expected to make a decision on the tower’s demolition date on November 7.

“The district administration will issue an order by Monday after an IIT Delhi structural audit declared the building uninhabitable due to structural deficiencies. “We will also give orders to demolish the E and F towers because the balconies are sagging and the floors are in poor condition “He continued

Meanwhile, the district administration directed the builder to settle the claim with nearly 50 Tower D flat holders by providing monetary compensation or new flats within a specified time frame.

A similar auditing process is taking place in the society’s Tower E and Tower F to determine the future of the two towers. Tower E has 28 apartments, Tower F has 22 apartments, and Tower D has 50 apartments.

Following the roof collapse incident at Chintels Paradiso, complaints about 70 Gurugram buildings were received, and a structural audit of 16 such buildings is currently underway.


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