Builder Floor Vs Apartments: Everything You Need To Know

Builder Floor Vs Apartments

Every new year come with new real estate trends! A few years ago, the high rise apartments are in the hottest trends but, now people finds low rise apartments are the best residential unit that gives better privacy and convenience.

The real estate market is offering a number of choices for millennial homebuyers or investors. The multi-storey apartments are an excellent choice for community living that offers parking and gardens. Apart from that, the builder floor is a low rise, plotted, and independent floor options.

What Is A Builder Floor And Its Common Characteristics?

Like other real estate trends, the builder floors are one of the highly demanded units and a better investment option. Every independent builder floor is limited to one to two floors and where you don’t have any limitations.

A builder floor is a low rise housing structure, that comprises of ground floor, first floor and second floor. Every individual floor is a single residential unit and spread over complete floor. The builder floor units are in high demand because of better privacy, quite life and no disruption.

The individual floors are constructed on plot sizes from 180 sqyd to 1000 sqyd. For example, there a number of builder floors in Gurgaon that includes DLF phase 3, South City 1-2, Nirvana Country, and Sushant Lok 1-2-3.

The Things To Be Checked In A Builder Floor 

  • The title of the plot should be checked first to ensure that there are no pending legal issues and that it is a clear title.
  • The purchaser can access the floor plan, permissible Floor Space Index (FSI), area ratio, and other necessary government licenses by going to the local registrar’s office.
  • The buyer can request to see the Occupancy Certificate (OC) of the builder floor property to confirm that the development of the property complies with all applicable city development laws.
  • Verify that each floor has its own independent water and electrical connection.
  • Check the builder’s reviews and the developer’s past construction projects’ reputations, or conduct a market research.
  • The buyer has the option to consult a real estate agent if the residential units are already constructed.

The Rise Of Apartments

An apartment is a part of one or several residential buildings or a separate dwelling in a building. In these apartments, all maintenance and upkeeps services are managed by the owner or a management company. Usually the apartment is a group of rooms in a larger building, made where land is too expensive to own an independent house.

Apartments are available in different sizes, price range, and layouts. You have to consider a number of factors to choose your favorite apartment inside a building.

Types Of Apartments: Which One You Choose

Studio Apartments: Building with open floor plan

A studio apartment is an affordable and individual living area with all the amenities. This is usually a small open space floor consists of the bedroom, living space, kitchen and attached bathroom.

Duplex: A extended family home with two or more floors

A duplex is one of the best apartment buying option for large family sizes who are co-living with their own privacy. Duplex is a single house apartment with two and more floors with staircase connected to every floors from inside.

How To Difference Between Builder Floor And Apartments

To better understand builder floor and apartment, you have to understand the difference between these two. Traditional flats and apartments are, the property agreement only states that the buyer is owner of the specific residential unit.

When it comes to builder floor, the agreement between the landowner and builder that the entire floor buyer is also owns a part of the entire plot. In case the property offered to the buyer on lease, the leasehold agreement is made between buyer and seller.

Builder floor






Independent housing units on every floor



More than one housing flat on each floor



No amenities sharing



Sharing amenities such has gardens, clubhouse, swimming pool, and parks
Each floor has separate electricity and water supplyCommon electricity and water supply



Low maintenance charge



Higher maintenance charges



More safety concerns



Low safety concerns
High seismic resistantLow seismic resistant



No common amenitiesGreat common amenities



Let’s Close The Deal For Builder Floor VS Apartments

Builder floors are more spacious than multi-story flats, yet multi-story apartments have more common areas. Furthermore, unlike multi-story apartments, builder floors do not offer you the normal facilities found in a compound, such as a swimming pool, playing areas, gym, etc.

Even so, there are a few floors in guarded buildings that tries to provide as many amenities as an apartment. When it comes to independence, builder floors give you more privacy because there is only one owner per floor, whereas there may be up to four or more flats per floor in multi-story apartments.

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