Cargill Leases 235,000 Square Feet In Bengaluru And Gurugram In Sector 62


The company has leased 200,000 sq. ft. at Cessna Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru, and 35,000 sq. ft. at AIPL Business Club in Sector 62, Gurugram.

In 1987, Cargill opened a modest liaison office to begin its operations in India. Today, the company operates throughout the country in the areas of refined oils, food ingredients, industrial specialties, grain and oilseeds, cotton, animal nutrition, commerce, and capital markets.

The new 300-seat Gurugram office, which spans 35,000 square feet, is intended to offer plenty of open areas, alternative work seats, no set workstations, and phone booths for more private, focused discussions.

In order to foster agility and meet client needs, it has also made significant investments in technological solutions. In order to realise Cargill’s full potential, CBS in India has expanded to become the company’s largest global competence centre.

How It Aids in the Expansion of the Co-Working Culture

The new 2 lakh square foot office in Cessna Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru is intended to encourage flexibility and collaboration for this young workforce, which accounts for approximately 83 percent of CBS employees.

With the addition of the new office, CBS’s total workplace in India will be 3 lakh square feet, with 3800 seats. Gurugram and Bengaluru are the prime IT sector hubs in India, and both areas are where we have the most staff.

These freshly established workplaces are therefore located there, according to Simon George, President of Cargill India. As workers adopt the new working practises, the workspaces are intended to encourage an open workplace culture and break up any monotony.

Cargill Workplaces Will Have These Amenities

These new office spaces offer amenities like smart work cafes, collaboration rooms, and other features like a wellness room, a dedicated mother’s room, and leisure space to make working at the office more comfortable.

The Gurugram office building also has amenities like a gym and a pool so that people can enhance their overall health and physical fitness.

The Gurgaon office of Cargill at AIPL uses technology to improve energy and water saving. To reduce their carbon footprint, carpets, energy-efficient LED lighting, and Vav Units (Variable Air Volume) were chosen in accordance with green building certification.

The structure has received Griha 4-star certification, which offers a clear definition of what a green building is by holistically assessing a structure during its whole life cycle.

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