DLF Leads In Volume But Signature Global Is The Leader In Gurugram Housing Sales


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The real estate industry is experiencing strong demand and sales in a variety of market categories. Gurugram is a city that routinely achieves impressive revenues on a quarterly basis.

It recently came to light when an apartment for Rs 100 crore was sold, breaking the previous record for the most expensive homes ever sold in Millennium City.

This is not a unique incident; in the July–September quarter of 2023, the top fifteen developers in Gurugram sold 2,578 houses valued at Rs 4,374 crores, according to Square Yards’ quarterly report.

During Q2, 2023, DLF secured the most number of units sold (631) valued Rs 234 crore, while Signature Global, a fresh arrival to the stock market, secured the highest value, accounting for 336 units sold for Rs 1,775 crore.

“The diverse nature of Gurgaon and its growing status as the next Silicon Valley are major contributors to the city’s new rise to prominence in the residential real estate market,” stated Ravi Nirwal, Sales Director and Principal Partner, North India, Square Yards.

He goes on to say that the Millennium City is becoming the main focus for businesses for startups, MNCs, and various industries due to its enormous potential. As a result, the elite labor that is moving to Gurgaon is in a desperate search for better homes.

Gurgaon’s top real estate hotspots are Golf Course Extension Road and Dwarka Expressway because they provide a thoughtful fusion of infrastructure development, urban design, and connectivity.

The impending completion of crucial infrastructural projects, most notably the Dwarka Expressway, has greatly improved Gurgaon’s real estate market’s accessibility.

As a result of the enhanced connection, astute investors and potential homeowners are drawn in, according to Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman and Founder of Signature Global (India) Ltd.

The presence of high-end residential and commercial complexes with improved amenities and services is another factor driving higher demand. Homebuyers are becoming more involved in Gurgaon’s thriving real estate market due to the attractiveness of a well-planned metropolitan lifestyle and the prospect of significant returns on investment.

“Due to the increasing demand, Gurgaon has become the most desirable place to live in terms of price appreciation, surpassing cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Noida.”


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