The Dwarka Expressway Cloverleaf Intersection Is Now Open For Trial Runs

Dwarka Expressway

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The highway contractor said on Monday that the work at the cloverleaf junction on the Dwarka expressway near Kherki Daula is finished and available for trial drives from all directions. The junction’s loops and ramps make it possible for traffic to flow smoothly in all four directions.

The building of a slip road that transfers traffic from the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway to the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) was finished last week, according to the highway contractor Larsen & Toubro (L&T).

Senior highway project official: “We have opened all four of the cloverleaf’s ramps and loops for trial runs of traffic, allowing movement of vehicles on all four sides as it connects Dwarka Expressway with Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, SPR, and Central Peripheral Road.”

Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway To SPR Connection Now Operational

Four packages make up the 29-kilometer Dwarka expressway under construction. The remaining packages, which total about eighteen kilometres, will be located in Gurugram, with packages one and two being located in Delhi.

The SPR is a component of package four, which begins at the Basai rail overbridge and ends at Kherki Daula on NH-48. The cloverleaf intersection connects the Dwarka expressway with national highway 48.

According to a senior L&T official, the 300-meter section of the cloverleaf-shaped road that links the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway with SPR has been built. This would let traffic to flow smoothly from the highway towards Sohna road and onto the Delhi-Mumbai expressway.

Cloverleaf Connectivity: Enhancing Commuting Options On Dwarka Expressway

“The construction on cloverleaf is now finished since the road was finished last week. All four ramps are now operational for trial, and we have opened the junction to traffic,” the unnamed officer stated.

Nowadays, a lot of commuters go from Sector 81 to Sector 95 in Delhi, which is near Rajiv Chowk, using the ramp and loop of the cloverleaf.

The second ramp, which directs traffic from Kherki Daula onto the Dwarka expressway, has already been completed. Traffic from SPR is routed via the third cloverleaf ramp to Kherki Daula and then on to Jaipur. The cloverleaf’s fourth ramp, which was finished last week, directs traffic from Delhi and Gurugram into SPR.

Dwarka Expressway’s Closer Connection To Sohna Road And Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

The Dwarka Expressway, SPR, and NH-48 are the three main connecting roads that commuters can access from any side using a combination of ramps and loops on the four-way junction.

Rao Inderjit Singh, the MP for Gurugram, met with Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari last week to request the relocation of the Kherki Daula toll plaza and the early inauguration of the Dwarka expressway’s Gurugram section. Singh said in a statement that he was informed at the meeting that further time was required to complete the project’s work, which was still unfinished.

Green Initiative: Planting 30,000 Trees Along Dwarka Expressway

The contractor stated that they have not been given any instructions for the official opening of the roadway and that they would wait for the highway authorities to make the final decision.

According to a senior government source with knowledge of the situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is probably going to launch the project at the very least in Gurugram once it is finished.

The highway contractor stated, “We are working on planting trees on the central verge and along the main carriageway,” after reopening the intersection to traffic. The official stated that about 30,000 trees will be planted alongside the route.


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