DTCP Forms Teams To Inspect 60 High-Rise Buildings In Gurugram

The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) has formed four teams to survey nearly 60 high-rises in Gurugram as part of the roll-out of the second phase of the structural safety audit of condominiums, which was directed by the district administration last week.

The teams have been given a deadline of 15 days to complete the survey. Each team has been tasked with performing a visual check of around 15 units.

According to a DTCP official, each team will consist of a junior engineer and a specialist from one of the four commercial organisations appointed by the administration: Bureau Vertias, TPC Technical Projects Consultants, Vintech Consultants, and NNC Design International.

Following the collapse of the Chintels Paradiso tower part, DTCP conducted the first wave of structural safety evaluations on 15 high-rise buildings last year.

Buildings will be inspected for evidence of degradation, damage in columns and slabs, and any other evident faults during the survey.

Following the poll, the teams will submit a report, which will be used by the department to designate 15 important high-rises for safety audits. The remaining units will be taken up in the next phase, according to the official.

According to officials, the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) and the developer will share the cost of the condominium’s structural safety audit. If a structural problem is discovered in the structure, the builder must shoulder the entire cost of the audit.

Source-Hindustan times

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