GMDA Plans To Connect The Iffco Chowk To The Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka Expressway

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The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) intends to enlarge Basai Road in order to improve a roughly 14-kilometer section that runs through it from Iffco Chowk to the Dwarka expressway.

A consultant hired by the GMDA conducted a traffic study in order to carry out the plan; the consultant is now gathering the findings and is expected to submit them to the authority in the near future, according to GMDA officials.

The government intends to construct elevated highways in order to lessen traffic in the city. The area of this route where the authorities plans to enlarge it and remove encroachments is currently quite congested, spanning from Iffco Chowk to Sukhrali.

GMDA’s Ambitious Plan To Enhance Connectivity In Gurugram

Along with the expansion of the road from Sukhrali to Mahavir Chowk, the authority also intends to renovate the area there, adding amenities for parking, pedestrian walkways, and vehicle traffic.

The authorities will extend the Gurudwara Road and the road from Mor Chowk to the temple, which run parallel to each other, from Mahavir Chowk to the Bhuteshwar temple.
According to GMDA authorities, a thorough study of the whole stretch was conducted by a consultant, traffic studies were completed, and the results are currently being collated and will be given to the authority shortly.

“MG Road, one of the city’s oldest roads, was formerly used to connect Delhi with Gurugram and all the way to Jhajjar.” According to Amit Godara, executive engineer, GMDA, “it has been decided to upgrade and improve its connectivity to Dwarka expressway so that people can travel seamlessly to reach the Dwarka expressway.”

Ease Traffic With Elevated Highways And Infrastructure Upgrades

This 14-kilometer length is located in the center of Old Gurugram. According to the proposal, Godara stated that the authority will build a second flyover over the bridge next to the Basai Water treatment plant, running parallel to the current route.

This parallel construction will guarantee proficient traffic flow at this juncture, where there is now traffic congestion. The flyover will be built across the bridge and in parallel with the current route until Basai Chowk. Like the Dwarka highway, this would be a four-lane construction supported by a single pier, he added.

The route from Basai Chowk to the Bhuteshwar temple, which is close to Sadar Bazar, will be enlarged and contain six lanes. This road has open property that, with the right development, could accommodate three lanes on each side as well as pedestrian amenities.

Remake Of Old Gurugram: Renovation Plans For Key Connecting Roads

To ease traffic, an additional elevated four-lane road has been planned from the Bhuteshwar Temple to Jail Land. This is going to be built on the middle median of the highways,” he stated.

The GMDA intends to redevelop the area surrounding Mahavir Chowk in the direction of Iffco Chowk in order to facilitate easy access for cars, pedestrians, and non-motorized transportation. “At this busy intersection, pedestrian amenities like parking spaces for cars and appropriate rest areas will be established,” he stated.

Congestion will be much reduced, according to Mukesh Pradhan, the former president of the Huda Complex fruit market near Sadar Bazar, if the road is expanded and new flyovers are built. In the old Gurugram, there is gridlock and traffic congestion. For easier traffic flow, more of these roads in the ancient city should be renovated, he stated.

Futuristic Road Networks With New Flyovers And Six-Lane Expansions

The authorities intend to remove encroachments on both sides in order to make six lanes accessible for commuters between Mahavir Chowk and Iffco Chowk. There are six lanes available in certain locations over the whole route, while there are four lanes in other locations.

Godara stated, “We’ll make sure the entire route has six lanes consistently, and we’ll eliminate any encroachments at different places like Sukhrali and inside the city. According to GMDA authorities, the ground report that the consultant presented will determine the ultimate length of the raised flyovers and other buildings.

Balancing Development: Perspectives On Infrastructure Vs Public Transportation

In order to prevent delays, the authority will also make sure that traffic installations, such as lamps, traffic calming strategies, and other fixtures, are erected concurrently with civil works.

When questioned about the proposal, Sarika Panda Bhatt, the creator of Raahgiri and a city-based transportation expert, stated that the GMDA should concentrate on improving the city’s severely inadequate public transportation infrastructure rather than constructing new highways and flyovers.

“The transportation system needs to add one thousand buses, and last-mile connectivity from the metro is necessary. It would be beneficial to extend the bus system to nearby towns and suburbs. Flyover construction and road expansion are not the answers to this issue, the speaker stated.


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