PM Narendra Modi Inaugurated Gurgaon Section Of Dwarka Expressway

Dwarka Expressway

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The 19km elevated segment of the Dwarka Expressway will be officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The 8 lane elevated section is an on single pier. It has a narrow, eight-lane, 3.6-kilometer tunnel with a blast proof design close to the IGI airport. At Yashobhoomi, IMT Manesar, and Shiv Murti, there are four-level interchanges on the route.

With its airstrip-like surfaces connecting our towns, India’s road engineering has advanced significantly from tunnelling under thick Himalayas to setting new standards for speed, size, and building quality. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Dwarka Expressway on Monday, the newest addition to this modern group.

Largest Elevated Road On A Single Pier

The eight lanes four on each side that make up the 19 km elevated portion of the Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram were constructed on a single pier. This offers two advantages: broader service roads, which heavy city traffic will utilize, may be built, and the expressway structure requires less land.

The expressway’s layout guarantees that there cannot be any ribbon development stores, restaurants, etc. along its path or on its spurs because there isn’t a way to enter it from other roads. Traffic must use particular sector roads that are connected to interchanges in order to access the major thoroughfare.

The Largest And Longest Urban Tunnel In The Country

The Delhi section of the expressway, which runs close to the IGI airport, has an eight-lane, 3.6-kilometer tunnel. It’s a “shallow tunnel,” which means that tunnel boring machines are not required or a deep plunge is necessary. Because an elevated structure cannot be developed close to the airport, the tunnel became required.

“An elevated stretch would have become a security issue and impacted the airport radar,” according to a source. There is a lot of traffic in this area roughly 40,000 vehicles each day so creating a tunnel presented practical difficulties. There is a designated control room and an emergency exit in the tunnel.

India’s First Blast-Proof Tunnel

A three-lane, 2.3-kilometer tunnel connects the highway to the road that runs from Mahipalpur to IGI’s Terminal 3. This tunnel’s 500-meter section, which is located in the closest vicinity of the airport, is designed to withstand explosions.

75% Elevated Section In The Gurgaon Stretch Of Dwarka Expressway

Flyways make up the majority of the Dwarka Expressway. The surface level road is intended for usage by city people, with three-fourths of its 28.5km total length being at an elevation.

Unlike previous roads in the capital and NCR (such Delhi-Gurgaon and Noida-Greater Noida), where vehicular speed has drastically decreased due to traffic mixing, this provides total grid separation of expressway and city traffic. Three levels of traffic will go through intersections: surface roads, elevated expressways, and underpasses.

It’s Just A Partial Dwarka Expressway Opening

The 19-kilometer Gurgaon stretch of the expressway, which runs from the Dwarka border to the NH8, will be officially opened by the PM. The Dwarka Expressway spans 28.5 kilometres. Later this year, the expressway’s Delhi segment is scheduled to open.

What Changes When The Dwarka Expressway Section Is Open?

When it opens, it will connect Delhi and Gurgaon as the second expressway and fourth arterial road, respectively. It would reduce the amount of traffic on the congested Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway throughout the day and shorten the travel time from Delhi’s west and south to Gurgaon. The Dwarka Expressway will connect to the NH8 at two locations: at Shiv Murti in Delhi and close to Kherk Dhaula in Gurgaon.

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