GMDA To Start Redesigning Work At Kanhai Chowk To Ease Congestion

Kanhai Chowk

Kanhai Chowk, is now undergoing a makeover by the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) in an effort to ease traffic. It is one of the most significant junctions in the city and its redesigning work to improve commuter flow through the crucial stretch, and lower the frequency of accidents at the crossing.

One of Gurugram’s main traffic jam locations is Kanhai Chowk, where at least 40 incidents a month are reported, five of which are deadly. According to GMDA authorities, work is underway to upgrade and decongest the crossroads in accordance with the Indian Road Congress’s (IRC) requirements.

Revolutionizing Kanhai Chowk: GMDA’s Bold Move To Ease Traffic

To improve the chowk’s use and attractiveness even further, an urban square is being created as part of this project, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Raahgiri Foundation.

Safe pedestrian passage on this section is being facilitated and traffic management is being improved as part of the makeover.

“All essential factors are being taken up to boost the movement of both vehicular traffic and pedestrians at this busy junction,” stated Col. RD Singhal (rtd), chief general manager mobility, GMDA.

GMDA Collaborates With Raahgiri Foundation For Urban Square

Road safety equipment such as solar cat eye, bollards, reflective road studs, and delineators, as well as work related to identifying designated pedestrian pathways and zebra crossings, are now being installed, according to Singhal.

According to authorities, if necessary, slip roads are also being built in addition to traffic island beautification.

Since all zebra crossings and STOP lines are prominently posted at these intersections, Singhal said that the deployment of these measures will facilitate efficient traffic movement, ensure the safety of pedestrian crossings, and aid in the detection of violations and issuance of challans.

GMDA Implements Road Safety Measures at Kanhai Chowk

The urban square being developed under this initiative, according to GMDA CEO PC Meena, will make use of the undeveloped land parcels under the authority’s jurisdiction and will have several important features, including green belts, seating areas, pathways accessible to the disabled, restaurants, and pedestrian walkways that also support ground-water recharge.

“It will improve the intersection’s aesthetic quality and function as a gathering place for the locals,” he stated. The civil work for this project is expected to be finished by January, and GMDA will carry it out at an estimated cost of ₹1.92 crore.

The Raahgiri Foundation’s original trustee, Sarika Panda Bhatt, stated: “Traffic will flow more smoothly, reducing the likelihood of accidents.” Furthermore, the square is for everyone. Everyone is welcome, whether they are bikers or pedestrians. Here, the city comes to life and everyone feels like they belong. Its goal is to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and safe city.


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