GMDA To Upgrade 12 Km Key Footpaths On Main Highways In Gurugram

GMDA To Upgrade 12 Km Key Footpaths On Main Highways In Gurugram

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has floated tenders to repair and improve walkways on six important city roads in the next six to nine months in order to help pedestrians on city roads commute securely and comfortably.

Almost 12 km of sector roads in sectors 32/39, 52/57, 33/34, 24/27, 51/57, and 49/50 will be upgraded. These roads receive a lot of traffic, so creating better pathways will be very helpful to daily commuters.

Residents of the majority of HSVP sectors and even private neighbourhoods find it challenging to cross the roads on foot because pedestrians frequently share space with moving vehicles while walking on the streets.

The lack of dedicated footpaths as well as broken and encroached footpaths has long been a scourge in the city. The pathways will be fixed, painted, and tiled, according to RK Mittal, executive engineer, mobility one division of GMDA, which has floated the tenders.

Additionally, ramps will be constructed so that individuals with disabilities can use the walkways. The work on these roads will be finished within the next six to nine months, according to two distinct tenders that we have floated.

The purpose of enhancing pathways to make them safer and more user-friendly. Each link road is typically 1.5 to 2 kilometers long and will include footpaths on both sides.

The price of these works will be 3.74 crore. The majority of the footpaths in his neighbourhood and the surrounding districts are either blocked by trees, poles, and boards or have been encroached upon by vendors.

Work on enhancing footpaths was finished last year, but infrastructure did not greatly improve. Large trees that need to be clipped along the sidewalks are also frequently harmed and encroached upon. Before they can be upgraded, these paths must be cleansed; otherwise, they will remain unused.

Experts in engineering and road transportation have meantime stated that walkways should be open to all, with equal care for the young and old. The roads that GMDA is constructing have wide carriageways and clear sidewalks.

To avoid people having to jump down to walk, the authority should make sure that these are continuous and that the pathway rises above wherever the road leads to a condominium.

Source-Hindustan times

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