Iris Broadway Announces The Launch Of Three New Brands In Its Retail Portfolio

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Trehan Iris has added three premium brands to Iris Broadway Mall in Sector 85-86, the core of New Gurugram, as part of its continuous retail portfolio strengthening strategy. Starbucks, Rowan Toys, and The Beer Cafe are three new brands that have lately begun operations.

Iris Broadway is the area’s greatest one-stop experiential destination for food, shopping, and entertainment. Starbucks, one of the world’s most well-known coffee-serving brands, operates from Block B of Iris Broadway and spans 2076 square feet.

Since entering the Indian market in 2012, a 50:50 joint venture firm controlled by Tata Consumer Private Limited and Starbucks Corporation has had 300 stores in India. It is their first store in New Gurugram, located on Iris Broadway.

Rowan Toys, a brand owned by RBL (Reliance Brands Limited), has established its first store in India at Iris Broadway. This one-stop shop for toys is located in Block A and spans 2587 square feet.

Similarly, The Beer Cafe, India’s largest and fastest-growing alcohol-beverage service brand, occupies 1865 square feet and is located in Block A.

Iris Broadway is happy to have Rowan Toys, Starbucks, and The Beer Cafe join its increasing mix of retail and F&B companies,” stated Mr. Aman Trehan, Executive Director of Trehan Iris. We are convinced that these brands will help to boost our retail and food and beverage offerings.

Furthermore, the introduction of these three premium brands will heighten the festive spirit at Iris Broadway, making it the most sought-after location in New Gurugram for a wholesome shopping and leisure experience. “

Iris Broadway has also just launched Croma, India’s first and most trusted Omni-Channel electronics retailer from the Tata Group, as well as a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant. The debut of these premium brands demonstrates the growing confidence of companies across categories in owning a place and making their presence felt here at Iris Broadway, Gurugram.

Source- ET

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