Noida To Gurugram In 30 Minutes With Proposed High-Speed Train Corridor

High-Speed Train Corridor

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The Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA) is setting a new standard for urban development with its ambitious Master Plan 2041. One of its audacious plans is to build a high-speed rail route that will improve the connection between Gurugram, Noida, and Faridabad.

High-Speed Train Corridor Parallel To The Jewar Green Expressway

According to Master Plan 2041, a high-speed corridor is planned to run alongside the Jewar Green Expressway, starting in sector 65. This 31-kilometer road has a noteworthy 24-kilometer section located in Haryana.

Important places including Sahupura, Chandavali, Sotai, Phafunda, Bahvalpur, Panaheda Khurd, Narhawali, Mahmadpur, Mohiyapur, Chhainsa, Heerapur, and Mohana are covered by the suggested route.

High-Speed Train Corridor Linking Faridabad With Gurugram And Noida

An essential component of this strategy is the high-speed train corridor, which should facilitate travel between Faridabad, Noida, and Gurugram. The plan is to cut the journey time to only thirty minutes by taking the Jewar Green Expressway as part of the route. The corridor will also reach Gurugram, guaranteeing a smooth and effective network of transit.

Resolving The Present Connectivity Issues

Currently, travellers from Faridabad to Gurugram and Noida have difficulties. There are no direct bus or rail choices, thus there must be difficult routes due to the weak transportation infrastructure. Traveling in a private vehicle to Noida presents challenges, thus creative ways to improve connectivity are required.

Unrealized Goals And Prospects For The Future

Although there have been setbacks with previous proposals for metro rail connecting Faridabad to Palwal and Gurugram, Master Plan 2041 seeks to resurrect these endeavors.

The goal of creating a strong infrastructure for connection and making sure that citizens have an easier commute is in line with the projected high-speed train path.

The proposal has the potential to drastically alter the region’s commuter dynamics and urban landscape as it develops.

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In conclusion, the strategic vision for Master Plan 2041 presented by the Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority heralds a new era for the region’s infrastructure by revealing a revolutionary agenda, especially in the area of high-speed connections.

Source- Times Now

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