The Haryana Government Starts Phase 1 Of The Global City Project In Gurugram

Global City Project

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Phase 1 of the Global City project in Gurugram, which will have modern infrastructure in both residential and commercial spaces, is now under construction by the Haryana government. The first phase would cost ₹940 crores and it will be finished by December 2026.

The Gurugram Global City Project will include 1,000 acres and include a transit network, hospitals, schools, retail establishments, and office and skyscraper complexes. The Global City will be run and maintained by HSIIDC until 2033, at which point allottees will be responsible for paying maintenance costs.

The global city project is being developed by Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (HSIIDC). The HSIIDC is a 100% State owned agency of the Govt. of Haryana.

HSIIDC Allocates 940 Crores For Phase 1 Construction Of Gurugram Global City

Global city project

Additionally, HSIIDC’s operating capital ceiling has been raised by ₹1,500 crores by the government. According to people familiar with the development, the Haryana government has started construction on Phase 1 of the Global City project haryana, a mixed-use development spanning 1,000 acres along the Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram.

The project will include residential and commercial spaces equipped with state of art utilities and infrastructure. Roads, power, water supply, and other infrastructure are to be built over 587 acres as part of the project’s first phase by December 2026, according to HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation) authorities.

The contractor has already seized control of the project site. They claimed that phase 1 would cost ₹940 crores to build. A portion of Sectors 36, 36B, 37, and 37B are being developed for the Global City project Gurgaon.

Unveiling The Features And Facilities Of Global City Project Gurugram Haryana

Global City Project

When it is completed, it will have 12 million square meters of built-up area, including commercial towers, residential towers, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, a centre for innovation, start-ups, an incubation zone, hospitality, and cultural zones.

It will also have green areas, water bodies, and an internal mass rapid transit system. In the previous three years, the state government has launched and marketed this initiative through a number of programs both domestically and internationally. The project was planned in 2019 and the first phase’s tender was chosen in September of last year.

On 587 acres, the first phase’s trunk infrastructure is being created. Thirteen kilometres of interior roads, an 82-acre landscape, a 26-kilometer storm water drain network, an 11.96-kilometer potable water network, a 12-kilometer recycled water pipeline, and a 10-kilometer utility tunnel are all part of the project.

HSIIDC’s Capital Limit Raised By 1500 Crores For Global City Infrastructure

By December 2026, the project should be finished, according to Yash Garg, managing director of HSIIDC. He also mentioned that a tender has been given to move one of the three high-tension power lines that cross the project site by August 31 of the next year.

“Until December 31, 2033, HSIIDC will manage and keep up the Gurgaon Global City project at no extra expense to the grantees. According to him, maintenance fees would be collected from allottees starting in 2034 based on the actual operation and maintenance costs incurred in relation to the built-up area.

DMIC Haryana Global City Project Limited is a non-government company incorporated in the year 2016. DMIC’s ultimate goal is to expand India’s manufacturing capacity and services base and develop DMIC as a “Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub”.

Inside The Construction And Infrastructure Plans For Gurugram Global City

A government spokeswoman said that the state government has raised HSIIDC’s working capital limit by ₹1,500 crores for the purpose of creating infrastructure in the Global City and IMT Sohna.

The global city project will be endowed with futuristic and smart city features such as a jogging park, gymnasium, multi-purpose lawn, lush green spaces, beautiful water bodies, and spacious linking roads.

The global city project developed by HSIIDC, a state-owned body that has the responsibility to develop the multi-crore central business district. It ensued the first phase of its construction after allocating a Rs 940-crore tender for building roads and other infrastructural facilities like electricity and uninterrupted water supply.

Global City Project In A Nutshell

The Global City Project in Gurugram marks a transformative endeavor by the Haryana government, envisioning the region as a global city. The global city is characterized by its international significance, acting as a hub for commerce, innovation, and culture.

The global city benefits are beyond economic growth, encompassing heightened connectivity, cultural diversity, and increased opportunities. Gurugram Global City Project, with its futuristic features and integrated infrastructure, aspires to position itself as a global city, attracting investments, talent, and fostering a dynamic environment.

The global city project aligns with the broader goal of establishing a global manufacturing and trading hub, pushing the region into global status.


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