The Second Phase Of Structural Audits Of Highrise Societies Begins From April 1 In Gurugram

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The second phase of the structural assessments of highrise residential societies will begin on April 1 as per the decision made by the district administration. This follows a meeting to discuss the issues highlighted in the first phase between (resident welfare associations) RWAs, developers, and auditing agencies at the mini secretariat.

Many highrise societies encountered issues during the initial audit phase, including seepage in basements and flaking plaster on balconies. Significant concerns were voiced against the findings by the RWAs of the societies where the audit was performed earlier.

According to one RWA member, many important factors were missed during the audit, and they had let the administration know about it. Residents of the 15 highrise societies covered in the first phase have been asked for their comments by the administration.

According to deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav, the suggestions submitted would be used to fix the next course of action for any required repairs or modifications. He added that the second audit phase would start the April month.

The audit’s scope and the procedure used by the audit firms were covered during the meeting with the RWAs. The administration gave the audit companies instructions to find buildings that need updating or fixing but don’t endanger public safety.

Developers are free to conduct any test they choose, but only results from tests conducted by the agency and following processes established by the district administration will be accepted as acceptable, according to Yadav.

Yadav stressed the value of openness in the process and said that the four organisations chosen by the administration for structural assessment would not be subject to interruptions from builders. Through the administration, the builder would pay the auditing firm.

Based on complaints from homebuyers over the previous two years, the district administration had compiled a list of 60 projects with structural flaws and low construction quality for audit.

Critical, severe, and moderate problems were assigned to these. The Southern Peripheral Road and the Dwarka Expressway are where the majority of these societies are situated.

Towers D, E, and F of the Chintels Paradiso were deemed unsafe, according to the audit reports, according to Assistant Deputy Commissioner Vishram Kumar Meena. The assessment of all towers is anticipated to be completed within the next two months. After receiving the reports from all nine towers, further decisions will be made.

Based on the concerns and recommendations of the tenants, an independent organisation also reevaluated the flats, and technical errors in the initial inspection were found. Residents and the builder have received the appraisal assessment, and work is being done to find a swift solution.


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