Aadhaar Card Checks Are Mandatory During The Registry Of Properties In Haryana

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The officials proposed establishing an online system for people to obtain duplicate copies of their property’s revenue documents in Haryana. Currently, a person must go to the revenue office to obtain a copy of the document.

A system to verify Aadhaar cards at the time of property registration, appointment of lawyers at the tehshil level, auto-mutation of property after registration, sitting arrangements for patwaris at the tehshil office, and appointment of additional staff to assist patwaris were among the suggestions made by revenue officials at a consultation meeting chaired by additional chief secretary of revenue department, Mr. V S Kundu.

The Additional Chief Secretary of Revenue, V. S. Kundu, presided over the meeting in Gurugram to gather feedback and suggestions for improving the revenue department’s operations and simplifying processes for residents.

Mr. Kundu also directed the officials to conduct a review of the departments’ operations and identify smart technological solutions to improve work efficiency and transparency.

Why Haryana’s Government Has Taken The Safety Measure?

Following several instances of fraudulent registrations in the state, the Haryana government has implemented several new registration safety measures. All property details and revenue records will be digitised under the new changes.

Furthermore, each property will be assigned a unique identity number in the Haryana Land Records Information System (HALRIS), an online property registration portal.

According to sources, property IDs will be linked to the owner’s Aadhar card and contact number to avoid irregularities in registry execution.

Furthermore, the manual process of appointing tokens for registry-related work has been eliminated. Applicants must now apply for the tokens online by entering their property information and a one-time password (OTP) that will be sent to their mobile number.

If the correct OTP is obtained, the system will reject the application if the Aadhaar card number does not match the system’s records. The new system will also check if there is a pending court case over the property and whether the land is owned by the government or is under acquisition.

Source- ET

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