Developers Have Asked In Gurugram To Submit Building Blueprints For Audit By Friday

Blueprint submission for audit

The district town planner (enforcement) has asked the developers of 17 residential societies experiencing construction-related concerns to submit structural and architectural plans by Friday.

Following submission, the district administration will issue work orders to a committee of four agencies on Monday to carry out the structural examination of these societies.

The decision was made on Wednesday at a meeting of developers, RWAs, and the structural audit panel, which was chaired by Gurugram deputy commissioner Nishant Yadav and included a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the presence of district town planner (enforcement) Amit Madholia.

A Total Of 17 Residential Societies Will Be Audited In The First Round

The first 17 housing societies will be reviewed in the first round of the society audit. Following that, other societies dealing with construction-related concerns will be evaluated for the same “The DC stated.

The agencies will firstly conduct visual assessments of the first 17 societies from the list. If any problems are discovered, the second and third stages of testing will be carried out “.

During the meeting, Yadav stated that two RWA members and a developer representative, as well as audit agency personnel, will be present in each of these 17 societies.

In societies with more than one (residential welfare organizations) RWA, one representative from each welfare association will be present during the inspection. RWAs should ideally designate any member or resident who is a professional architect or structural design engineer.”

How Audit Will Be Planned To Complete Within 45 Days?

At the meeting, the residents were guaranteed that the faults or defects reported by the experts will be corrected.

During the audit process, representatives from the district administration will monitor the progress and have monthly meetings with citizens.

During the society audit, the agencies will keep residents up-to-date of the ongoing process and make sure that it is concluded correctly within 45 days of the deadline.

During the distribution of residential societies to the different audit agencies, the authorities will make sure that the firms do not audit projects on which they have earlier worked.

source- TOI

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