Gurugram Municipal Corporation’s Estimate To Complete Deficient Infrastructure In Four Colonies

Municipal Corporation's Estimate To Complete Infrastructure In 4 Colonies

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MCG has prepared estimates to repair the inadequate infrastructure in four of the eight private colonies it took control of five months ago. It has made the estimates after conducting a new survey on the ground following the takeover, which will now be forwarded to the state government for final approval.

According to officials, the highest estimate is for Vipul World, where a total of Rs 82.2 million is required to complete incomplete infrastructure work such as road, water, and sewer networks.

The inadequate infrastructure in Malibu Towne is expected to cost around Rs 80 million to complete, which will include upgrading water and sewer lines, as well as re-carpeting and repairing roads.

According to the most recent survey, Rosewood City will spend an estimated Rs 18 million on recarpeting the colony’s roads. The project has already been advertised for bids. The cost of recarpeting the roads in Uppal Southend has been estimated at Rs 9 million.

MCG to carry out infra survey

“We’ve revised our estimates to finish the deficient infrastructure in some newly taken over colonies.” Our consultant developed the new estimates based on the current needs of these colonies. After the estimates have been approved, tenders will be issued and work orders will be assigned to complete the work.

The civic body has taken over four more private colonies, including Sushant Lok 2, 3, Ardee City, and Greenwood City. Despite the explicit instructions of the department of town and country planning, the acquisition of Mayfield Gardens is still pending.

According to a DTCP order issued on May 9, the estimated cost to complete the inadequate infrastructure is Rs 147 million for Malibu Town, Rs 89 million for Vipul World, Rs 45 million for Rosewood City, and Rs 36 million for Uppal Southend.

MCG, on the other hand, created the new estimates using data from a brand-new survey. During Manohar Lal Khattar’s visit to Gurgaon, a delegation of residents met with him and raised the issue of unfinished infrastructure work in recently seized colonies.


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