Gurugram Sohna Highway Toll Tax Becomes Expensive From August 4

Gurugram Sohna Highway Toll Tax Becomes Expensive From August 4

Toll will increase by more than two and a half times on Gurugram Sohna Expressway effectively from 4th of August. So, how much is the new tax as earlier was 45 only? There is unhappiness among the drivers due to increase in toll tax at Ghamdoj toll plaza.

People said that on one hand, the rate of diesel, petrol and CNG is skyrocketing, paying two and a half times the toll tax on top of the people’s pockets. The journey on the Gurugram-Sohna highway has become comfortable when the elevated road was started for commuters.

But from August 4 midnight (12 pm), the commuters will have to pay more than two and a half times the toll tax as earlier. Drivers coming to Gurugram from Sohna by car will now have to pay Rs 115 instead of 45 for a one-way journey. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has increased the toll rates of the Ghamdoj toll plaza after the vehicular traffic started on it after the construction of an elevated road for a distance of five km.

Recharge Your Fastag, You Have To Pay 115 Instead Of 45

Along with the car, the toll rate of other vehicles has also been increased in the same way. Whereas the monthly pass has not been increased for the drivers coming within a radius of twenty km from the toll plaza. They will be charged only Rs 315 for the monthly pass as before for daily commuters.

It is being argued by the NHAI officials that the toll tax rate is being increased due to the construction of elevated road on the second part of the highway from Rajiv Chowk in Gurugram to BSF camp ahead of Badshahpur.

Vehicle Type Existing Travel Rate And Updated Rate

  • In case of driving Jeep-Van, you have to pay Rs 45 – 115 for one-way journey, two-way journey within 24 hrs costs you 70-175 and Rs. 1555- 3915 for monthly pass up to 50 journey.
  • In case of Light Commercial Vehicles, the new rates are 75-190 for single trips within 24 hours, two trips 115- 285 and for up to 50 journeys Rs. 2510- 6325
  • For Bus, and Truck for a Single Journey costs you 160- 400, Two Journeys in 24 Hours – 235- 595, For 50 Journeys is Rs. 5260-13250
  • In case of Heavy Vehicles Single Journey is Rs. 170, for 2 side Journeys in 24 Hours costs you 260-650 and for 50 Journeys – 5740- 14455
  • Large vehicles for single journey cost you Rs 300- 625 and two side journeys costs you Rs 450-935

NHAI Project Director PK Kaushik said that the new toll rates have been fixed. Toll tax will be charged at Ghamdoj toll plaza according to the new toll rate from midnight of August 4. The Sohna Road Expressway is being connected with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway as 5.5 km elevated flyover is already opened for public.

The NHAI officials said that the change in toll tax is due to manage the expanse of making the elevated road. Because most of this route is elevated and requires higher toll payments, the toll fee has been amended and the rate has increased, according to a senior NHAI official.

Why Toll Tax Has Been Imposed Twice In A District 

The Sohna elevated road project is being completed in two different parts. On July 11, commuters had access to the first phase, an elevated 8.94-kilometer portion that ran from Subhash Chowk to a location beyond Badshahpur. The second section, measuring 12.72 km from Badshahpur to Sohna, had previously been made accessible to traffic on April 1, 2022.

The elevated road project’s goal is to connect Gurgaon and Sohna without any interruptions due to signals. Through an interchange at Alipur, the elevated road section will also be connected to the Delhi-Mumbai expressway.

Gurugram. To travel in Gurugram itself, drivers will have to pay two tolls each. This has become the first district in the state, in which two separate tolls will have to be paid for moving from one area to another. Earlier, the drivers had to pay toll tax only for Manesar-Gurugram traffic, but on Thursday night, the toll plaza started on Sohna road also. This post is sponsored by our partners that provide the best replica rolex watches. From affordable to Super Clone fake Rolex watches online.

People say that it is surprising that Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had recently ordered that there would be only one toll plaza within a radius of 60 km, but due to the introduction of toll plaza on Sohna Road, it will be a huge impact on the pocket.

The toll tax has been imposed on the Gurugram-Alwar road by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) after widening and construction of flyovers, which came into effect from Thursday night. Now the drivers passing through here will have to pay tax. NHAI has constructed 22 lane toll plaza on NH-248A in village Ghamdauj.

The Process To Get Monthly Toll Pass On Sohna Road Expressway?

For monthly Sohna Road Expressway toll pass, you have to submit the vehicle registration certificate (RC), and a hard copy of Aadhar card. People who reside within the 20 km range of the toll plaza then you can get a full month pass only Rs. 315 for the unlimited trips.

When it comes to other toll plazas in NCR, the daily Delhi-Gurgaon commuters have to pay more than 10-15% of fees while crossing Kherki Dhaula toll, and the IGI toll plazas.


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