PM Modi Launches 300 Crore Gurgaon Railway Station Revamp Project

Gurgaon Railway Station

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Along with 1,500 overbridges and underpasses around the nation, 554 other railway stations, including the Gurgaon train station were all essentially redeveloped by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The upgraded Gurgaon station will accommodate the increase in passenger traffic and enhance connectivity in the area by including top-notch amenities, many entrances and exits, and multilevel parking.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi essentially established the groundwork for the Gurgaon train station’s renovation. The PM put 1,500 overpasses and underpasses as well as 554 train stations up for renovation around the nation.

New Gurgaon Railway Station Project Will Be Completed In Three Years

Over the course of the next three years, the station size will increase by more than 15 times as part of the Gurgaon project, from 1,500 square meters to 23,587 square meters.

The main terminal will have nine stories and include lounges, food courts, and railway offices in addition to other amenities. There will be a concourse and multilevel parking at the renovated station.

In order to free up the approach road, the new station will have several entry and exits as well as a fourth platform. There’s just one entry at the train station right now.

When the PM lay the foundation, local MP and union minister Rao Inderjeet Singh was at the station. He said that the renovation project will come with a price tag of Rs 300 crore.

300 Crore Budget Is Allocated For The Gurgaon Railway Station Makeover

Across the state, the railway ministry is working on projects valued at Rs 20,000 crore. Both new and renovated stations are being constructed. The convenience of the passengers is the reason behind all of this, he continued.

The renovated Gurgaon station will have a number of top-notch amenities. For example, a roof plaza will link to the platforms, according to Singh.

The railroads will use three of the main building’s nine stories as offices. One will be reserved only for travellers, with a large waiting room, a lounge, and many amenities. A floor housing food courts and other restaurants will be present. Showrooms and commercial spaces will occupy the remaining stories.

The Gurgaon Railways Station Have Stilt Plus Four-Storey Parking

The authorities intend to construct a four-story parking structure in addition to a stilt, taking into account the increase in passenger traffic. Since it opened in 1950, the Gurgaon station hasn’t experienced much growth, primarily due to a decline in passenger volume.

For example, the station is only 1,530 square meters in size and has a single gate for access and departure on the Old Gurgaon Road side. Industry insiders predicted that Old Gurgaon and the surrounding neighborhoods will be impacted by the train station’s renovation. 

Enhanced train facilities will enable smooth travel, promoting regional economic expansion and opening up prospects. Furthermore, the station’s stores and other businesses will only accentuate the appearance.

Gurgaon Railways Station Is Transformed Into A High Tech Station

Santosh Agarwal, executive director and CFO at Alphacorp, stated that once the high-tech trains are operational, “it will enhance the overall lifestyle and offer a better living experience around the ecosystem.”

The action was referred to as a “pivotal moment for urban infrastructure” by Signature Global (India) founder and chairwoman Pradeep Aggarwal.

The train station is not the only aspect of this development. It sets the basis for thorough urban planning and development by reflecting the changing urban context. We anticipate a beneficial knock-on impact as the Gurgaon train station goes through this change, according to Aggarwal.

“The transformation of the station into a state-of-the-art facility with multiple entry points and innovative amenities reflects the city’s progress path,” stated Ankush Kaul, chief business officer of Ambience Group. Additionally, the addition of direct access to the station will improve the city’s connection even more.

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