Due To Lack Of Power Infrastructure, 25 Societies May Lose Licences In Gurugram

Lack of power infrastructure

These societies rely mainly on diesel generators in the lack of a proper electric connection due to inadequate electrical infrastructure.

The Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) has threatened to nullify project permits for 25 housing societies in new locations along the Dwarka Expressway if their developers do not secure a solid electrical connection within the next two weeks.

Because of a lack of electrical infrastructure and a lack of a reliable connection within society, societies rely primarily on diesel generators.

These societies rely on diesel generators because to inadequate electric infrastructure and a lack of a reliable connection.

Gurugram’s Power Infrastructure Is Inadequate

The Discom has requested that DTCP not grant occupational certificates (OC), completion certificates (CC), or renew the project licences of the 25 societies.

The Discom has also stated that it will not give electricity connections to projects that are not controlled by the same developer.

DHBVN officials told the media that these societies are running on temporary connections and diesel generators obtained at the building stage.

Despite collecting money from buyers, its developers have failed to create the infrastructure in accordance with the project’s approved electrical design.

We have given them two weeks to secure a steady connection, failing which we would take appropriate action, including the registration of FIRs and the termination of Developer licences.

Bijli Vitran Nigam Dakshin Haryana (DHBVN)

According to certain officials, the 220 kV substation built in Sector 95 to satisfy the power needs of new occupants has been idle for some time because these 25 developers have yet to finish the building of the electrical infrastructure for both internal and exterior usage.

The Discom stated this in a letter to the developers earlier this week. Your actions contradict your legal obligations and responsibilities to your consumers because you have already charged them for providing electrical infrastructure, and your failure to do so is completely unacceptable.

25 Societies Could Lose Their Licenses

The project was sold and possession was given without an appropriate electricity supply. It is apparent that what wrongdoers did was a breach of trust, and DHBVN stated that they reserve the right to take relevant regulatory measures.”

“The DHBVN may request that the Development of Town and Country Planning terminate the project licence when the developer fails to fulfil the terms and conditions for providing basic electrical infrastructure to the residents, including the setting up of a 33-kilowatt switching station and external electrical work.”

Dakshin Bijli Vitran Nigam Haryana officials explained that they had contacted the DTCP to ensure that developers who are out of compliance receive an official NOC from the department so that they can be settled an occupational certificate or completion certificate, as well as any other sanction for their plans.

Furthermore, new connections to any other project of these developers will be provided only after the appropriate electrical infrastructure in these societies has been completed.

Source- ET

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