The Delhi RERA Has Directed The DDA To Register All Ongoing E-Auction Programmes

DDA announces E-Auction programmes

The Delhi Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has directed the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to register all current e-auction programmes where plots, flats, or retail shops are still for public sale by May 1, 2017.

The decision was issued in response to complaints from the Residents Welfare Association of Rohini, where plots were auctioned in 2013 but improvement work was not completed by the DDA.

According to Delhi RERA, approximately 150 of the 1,000 plots were left for public sale by May, 2017, DDA is certain to register this plan and any other programme in which it sells actual property belongings after this timeline.

“We are following the instructions, and the risk factor of homebuyers are a precedent for us.” “One and all in the real estate business, whether a government owned company or a private developer, must be registered,” stated RERA chairman Anand Kumar.

Where These Plots Are Selling In The DDA On This Ongoing Project?

The petitioner in the Rohini case claimed that DDA was selling plots on this ongoing project while avoiding registration with RERA, NCT of Delhi. Furthermore, replies have not followed through on their promise to build outlying roads.

Complainants have requested that RERA direct the defendants to carry out the capacities and duties in relation to the subject enterprise in accordance with the format plan approved by the DDA screening committee in 2013, as well as the creation of an 18-meter peripheral road. They had also asked RERA to take action against responders for failing to register this venture.

“They not only did not follow the law of the land, but they also continued to disrespect its prohibitions.” “By implementing the RE (RD) Act, 2016, the legislature sought not only to protect customers, but also to hold promoters, together with government entities, accountable for their conduct,” RERA stated in the order.

Delhi RERA Approved 18 Projects For The DDA

Recently, Delhi RERA approved 18 projects for the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), putting an end to the squabble between the two bodies over the registration of federal government initiatives.

In December 2021, the RERA issued an order directing the DDA to register the projects in order to protect the interests of homebuyers, but the DDA filed an appeal in the case.

While the hearing was ongoing, the DDA submitted an application in July detailing the projects, and the RERA awarded registration certificates.

The DDA had previously said that these ventures were self-funded by the federal government and that the houses would not be marketed or delivered to clients until the projects were completed.

Source- ET

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