Haryana Modifies Its Affordable Planned Housing Policy, Requiring Builders To Provide 10% Of Their Land To The Government For Free

The new guidelines were included in changes to the “Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana policy – affordable planned housing policy-2016.”

The Haryana government has updated its affordable planned housing policy, setting stringent requirements for colony developers/license holders, requiring them to give 10% of their licenced colony “free of cost” to the government for community facility provision.

According to the policy’s modified Clause 4, the colony developer/license holder will not be permitted to assess the cost of this land on the colony’s residents.

Alternatively, the colonizer/licensee may develop such area on its own or through a third party subject to the following conditions: To build such community site at its own expense, without charging/levying the colony’s citizens.

This Policy Intended To Apply On Both Existing And New Licences

The director will specify the sort of community site to be established in the colony based on the need for community infrastructure at the sector level.

The licensee will not be permitted to sell such community building without the director’s approval, and the proceeds will be passed to RWA. The licensee shall not be permitted to benefit from such community building through membership charges/fees.

According to the modification “The licensee will have to complete within the community and acquire the occupation certificate before getting the complete completion certificate”.

The government has also reformed Clause 5 to read, “Mortgage of sealable area in lieu of bank guarantee. As a matter of safety against any possible law-breaking in project completion, the coloniser shall be required to mortgage residential plots covering salable area of 10%, each against the bank guarantee compulsory on account of internal development works (IDW) as well as external development charges (EDC) in favour of the Director.”

According to state government authorities, the policy would apply to both existing and new licences. “All other bounds and necessities are now applicable under the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) policy, affordable plotted housing policy 2016, corrected from time to time, shall continue until go on in full force,” said Arun Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Haryana government, in an order issued by Arun Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Haryana government.

How New Integrated Licensing Policy-2022 Encourage The Affordable Housing

Earlier this year, in order to enhance affordable housing, the state government updated its New Integrated Licensing Policy-2022, which required colonists to relinquish 10% of their land for cheap group housing to the state government.

“The state government would be free to use this territory through any public/private agency,” said Devender Singh, then Additional Chief Secretary for Town and Country Planning.

“As an incentive for offering 10% of the land to affordable housing project, the creators will get hold of a 100% floor area ratio (FAR) on the full fresh planned area.” On the other hand, if the developer is unwilling to give up 10% of his land, he will have another alternative.

 “In lieu of surrendering 10% of their land to the government for affordable housing, colonists might deposit three times the applicable collector rate,” the order modifying NILP-2022 stated.

According to a senior officer, by changing both of these rules, the government hopes to improve the supply side and assist balance out the demand-supply imbalance, as well as give a new impetus to the creation of affordable housing.

SOURCE- The Indian Express

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