Residents Of Ardee City In Gurugram Have Received Refund Against Insufficient Power Infrastructure

Insufficient Power Infrastructure

Ardee City homeowners have been the first to obtain a refund from Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) on event fees they paid because the builder failed to construct enough electricity infrastructure within the township.

The discom would pay back a total of 2,272 Ardee Metropolis customers a total of Rs 1.84 crore.

The reimbursement will be given to the inhabitants because the developer paid the required financial institution guarantee, allowing DHBVN to refund the event charges collected from the residents.

How Inadequate Electrical Infrastructure Leads To 7-8 Hours Power Cuts

Residents enraged by 7-8 hours of power outages due to inadequate electrical infrastructure took to the streets in May 2018 and organised a series of rallies.

The society has 2,600 families, and the builder has taken only 4 MW connections instead of the required 13 MW connections for all residents.

The Builder Offers DHBVN For The Construction Of A 33KV Substation

Following several rounds of argument, DHBVN conducted a survey and prepared a report on the inadequacies, totalling Rs 7.78 crore, and asked people to pay the event costs in instalments.

By the end of 2021, the builder had paid the bank guarantee and offered land to DHBVN for the construction of a 33KV substation.

“The builder has constructed the requisite infrastructure,” said DHBVN managing director PC Meena. “DHBVN has adjusted the amount paid by residents for their electricity bills,” Meena explained.

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