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Makret buyers interest rising in gurugram

Reason Why Does Gurgaon’s Rising Market Drive Buyers’ Interest?

The COVID-19 pandemic's intensity has decreased, and India has emerged as the fastest-growing global economy, which has brought attention back to real estate as an evergreen asset for investment. The rising demand from purchasers and investors for both residential and commercial properties reflects the boom. Gurugram and its growing markets are quickly emerging as the top real estate locations in the...

Best Places to Buy a Property In Gurgaon

The Best Places to Buy Property in Gurgaon

Gurgaon can be called Millennium City or a city of dreams that is surrounded by sky-high buildings and global brand shopping centres. Sometimes located in a remote area of Haryana, it now has upscale shopping complexes, golf courses, and other luxurious amenities. Here, nearly every significant international IT and automobile firm is represented. The city of dreams is where people are looking for work,...

Dwarka Expressway Update

Dwarka Expressway Update: Things You Should Know

After the announcement of the completion of the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon on August 15, 2022, the real estate market in Delhi-NCR, particularly in Gurgaon, is about to undergo a dramatic transformation. The Dwarka Expressway has grown in prominence over the years as a highly sought-after real estate agent. The long-awaited Dwarka E-way project would be finished by Independence Day 2022, according to...

Reveal Facts about sohna road

Reveal Facts About South Gurgaon (Sohna Road)

South Gurgaon, previously known as Sohna, is a tiny town in the south of Gurgaon district, Haryana. This place is getting popularity because of the Aravalli Hills, beautiful greenery, but now it's turning into a real estate boom. Many NRIs and Indian investors are planning to invest in residential and commercial property in South Gurgaon. The construction of IMT (Industrial Model Township), particularly...

A City Of High Calibre

New Gurgaon: A City Of High Calibre

It's time to celebrate for Gurgaon residents because a new metropolitan area will be growing adjacent to Gurgaon. If you are growing tired of travelling to Cyber Hub and other parts of Gurgaon daily, you will soon have a nicer and classier place to work or hang out. A new urban area is being developed in Gurugram using a public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement. Guess what else you can find? It will...

Builder Floor Vs Apartments

Builder Floor Vs Apartments: Everything You Need To Know

Every new year come with new real estate trends! A few years ago, the high rise apartments are in the hottest trends but, now people finds low rise apartments are the best residential unit that gives better privacy and convenience. The real estate market is offering a number of choices for millennial homebuyers or investors. The multi-storey apartments are an excellent choice for community living that...

Mivan shuttering


Mivan formwork is also known as aluminium formwork, and is made up of aluminium material in different parts like wall panels, deck panels, rockers, kickers, and others. These components make a mould called the Mivan framework system. Mivan shuttering leaves traditional construction behind and comes out on top. The majority of real estate developers in India have also hooked up with the Mivan...

Italian Marble

Types Of Italian Marble Used In India: Which One Is For You?

The gleaming and dazzling Italian marble is a stunning addition to any setting. The lustrous stretches of this brilliant marble add to the style element of any room and dining area. That's why Italian marble is so popular in India. The first choices for creating art works are Donatello and Michelangelo, Statuario and Calacatta marble. Italian marble is preferred by those who demand nothing less than...

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