Dwarka Expressway Update: Things You Should Know

Dwarka Expressway Update

After the announcement of the completion of the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon on August 15, 2022, the real estate market in Delhi-NCR, particularly in Gurgaon, is about to undergo a dramatic transformation. The Dwarka Expressway has grown in prominence over the years as a highly sought-after real estate agent.

The long-awaited Dwarka E-way project would be finished by Independence Day 2022, according to Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Transport and Roads, who made the announcement last year. So, we have to wait till Independence Day, as the third Gurgaon-Delhi route is about to open.

From the viewpoint of real estate and infrastructure development, the Dwarka Expressway is arguably the most significant location in the NCR. This route connects Gurgaon to Dwarka and is the fastest route as compared to NH8 and Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road.

This is the third direct route that connects Delhi and Gurgaon, along with the numerous real estate developments that have been built alongside. The land acquisition difficulties will pose significant obstacles to finishing the route.

Dwarka E-Way’s Most Recent News And Developments

The Dwarka Expressway is the first elevated urban expressway in India and is all set to be operational in 2023.

Later, the Delhi-Gurgaon Dwarka Expressway is connected to the Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai Expressway.

The Expressway is a 16-lane access controlled highway with a 3-lane service road and a dedicated bicycle path.

The Expressway has multi-level interchanges that include surface roads, elevated roads, underpasses, and flyovers.

The 19 km Gurgaon part will cover sectors 81-115, including residential, commercial, and public utilities.

The Haryana government has also projected a mass metro rail along the Dwarka Expressway as part of its development plans for the Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex.

The metro hub that is being developed on a 162-acre tract at Kherki Daula, where the new Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) is also being constructed, will begin at Dwarka and travel towards Manesar and Neemrana.

Therefore, the Dwarka Expressway is much more than a road with nearby housing developments. The Haryana state government has given the project its full backing, and the Dwarka Expressway is a brilliant example of cooperation between the public and private (PPC) models.

A number of government ministries are actively involved in paving the way for its quick completion, with HUDA serving as the State Coordinating Agency. India Bulls has been given the implementation framework after a tender process.

Here’s some good news for daily commuters between Delhi and Gurgaon

Till date, around 14.5 km of the total 19 km of Gurgaon stretch have been finished. Therefore, there are only 4.5 kilometres left before the Dwarka Expressway is completed. You may still drive on it now and observe how quickly this neighbourhood is developing.

Aside from certain petitioners who are still holding out for higher remuneration, the conflict has also mostly been resolved and all issues have been resolved. Details cannot be disclosed because the case is still pending. However, it should be noted that a settlement is anticipated quite soon before its inauguration. The courts are taking the petitioners’ rehabilitation and resettlement into account.

They will be relocated to Sectors 110A and 37C, where HUDA has more than 145 acres of land, just 15 of which will be required to house all of the petitioners. It is anticipated that this will be finished as soon as possible.

The completion of the Dwarka Expressway will reduce the traffic on the NH8 and improve traffic conditions towards Sohna Road and Golf Course Road. If everything goes well, this should be fully operational by 2023.

The expressway will have 12000 trees to control the pollution and dust. This route will provide direct connectivity to the India International Convention Centre (IICC) and IGI airport through a tunnel.

The advanced traffic management system, CCTV cameras, and intelligent traffic control system make it world-class.

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