The Best Places to Buy Property in Gurgaon

Best Places to Buy a Property In Gurgaon

Gurgaon can be called Millennium City or a city of dreams that is surrounded by sky-high buildings and global brand shopping centres. Sometimes located in a remote area of Haryana, it now has upscale shopping complexes, golf courses, and other luxurious amenities.

Here, nearly every significant international IT and automobile firm is represented. The city of dreams is where people are looking for work, and later a few of them are settled. The rapid growth and infrastructure development make it hard to choose a destination in Gurgaon.

If you are searching for a respectable property in Gurgaon, we are here to assist you if you’re confused about locations. Be with me to get in-depth information about the best places to buy a property in Gurgaon and nearby.

Buy a Property in Gurgaon

1. Dwarka Expressway

Buy a Property In Dwarka Expressway

Due to delays, the Northern Peripheral Road (Dwarka Expressway), which runs from Dwarka to connect with NH-8 near Kherki Dhaula toll plaza. The cost of real estate alongside the Dwarka Expressway is fairly affordable.

The area requires a few patches of development to make it more liveable and developed. The majority of real estate professionals support this region because it has all the potential to become the next real estate hotspot. So, investing your money near Dwarka Expressway over the next three to five years may be a smart move either you’re a homebuyer or an investor.

2. New Gurgaon

Though it was once the top choice for homebuyers, the cost of real estate in New Gurgaon is now soaring. Sectors 81, 89, 91, and 92 are located in the area, which is near the junction of the KMP, NH-8, and Dwarka-Gurgaon expressways. If you’re an end user, this location will work for you because it’s well-developed and close to all the amenities you need.

3. Golf Course Extension Road

The golf course extension road formerly a hub for the real estate, is becoming more preferred location by investors and homebuyers. The location and amenities more than make up for the slightly higher than average property costs in this area. This location is close to all major industrial belts in Gurgaon, as well as all major malls, schools, and hospitals. The Golf Course Extension Road makes it easy to get to Delhi and other nearby cities.

4. Southern Peripheral Road (SPR)

Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) is another prominent area in Gurgaon real estate, Southern Peripheral Road stretches for 16 kilometres and connecting Golf Course Extension to the NH-8. Rapid development work in this area has been ongoing for years. It is ready for residential and commercial properties like any other area. Almost every major real estate builder has a land bank in this area, making it an excellent investment opportunity.

5. South Gurgaon (Sohna Road)

A small town called South Gurgaon, formerly known as Sohna, is located on the southern side of the Gurgaon district of Haryana. The Aravalli Hills and lovely flora surround the location to make it nature rich. The South Gurgaon real estate market is expected to attract a lot of Indian and NRI investors in the upcoming years.

The development of IMT (Industrial Model Township), especially for the automobile, and electronic industries, would raise housing demand in the region. The Sohna region is well-known for its hot springs, temples, lakes, and adventure-seeking activities, in addition to its real estate boom.

Is Gurgaon Expensive To Live In?

Gurgaon comes under the national capital region, which means you are close to all other metro cities in India. It is connected through all communication mediums and having all other amenities. With all aspects, we can say that Gurgaon is not that expensive compared to other states like Bangalore and Hyderabad.

You can make it affordable to live and settle. Find the best properties to buy in Gurgaon with great connectivity. What makes Gurgaon the best place to live? Connectivity, infrastructure, and affordability are some of them.  

Best Property In Gurgaon To Invest

There are some certain factors to decide where to invest in Gurgaon as people are eyeing returns too. Some areas in Gurgaon witnessed a significant price appreciation and subsequently emerged as the best areas to invest.

As a residential hub, Gurgaon offers an assortment of luxurious to affordable living options like DLF, Nirvana, Birla, and other projects. These housing societies not only provide ultra-luxury living but also have connectivity to famous and commercial centres.

Best Place To Buy Property In Gurgaon

To explore the best property options in Gurgaon, you must first understand the areas and sectors of Gurgaon. There are two different aspects to buying a property, either for living or investment. If you are seeking the best place to live in Gurgaon for your family, you are proximate to micro markets and rental yields.

With several aspects and upcoming developments, the Dwarka Expressway Sohna elevated road improves the connectivity. So, this is the right time to buy a property as real estate of Gurgaon looks bright.

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