The Opening Of The Gurugram Section Of The Dwarka Expressway Will Boost The Region’s Real Estate

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Soon after its announcement of Gurugram part of Dwarka Expressway opening, it significantly increased demand for nearby real estate projects. There has been a lot of development in every sector, including residential and commercial properties like independent floors, high-rise buildings, shopping arcades, malls, healthcare and education facilities, and so on, attracting a lot of buyers to the region.

Dwarka Expressway is quickly becoming the most popular real estate investment destination in NCR. The government’s push for infrastructure here, as well as improved connectivity to both Delhi and Gurgaon, has piqued the interest of both investors and end-users. The prices of the plotted developments here have risen by up to 300 percent.

With the opening of the expressway, this region is expected to gain traction. We are excited to introduce gated plotted developments that will combine the benefits of this fantastic location, the prudence of investing in land, and the security and amenities of a gated community “Raheja Developers’ Nayan Raheja.

Things That Increased The Value Of The Corridor And Attracted Investors

The expressway has evolved into much more than just a link between two major cities. The close-knit network of the Dwarka Expressway, which includes IGI Airport, has increased the corridor’s value. Projects developed in this region benefit the state’s economy by attracting investors from all over the country. Buyers looking for real estate opportunities in and around Delhi have long preferred Gurugram.

Pyramid Group’s Ashwani Kumar stated, “Today, the region is home to both affordable and luxury projects.” Because it is easily accessible from all sides, the Dwarka Expressway, which provides excellent connectivity to major cities near the sub-city, has become the first choice of buyers.

There are also numerous projects from which customers can choose and invest for the most profitable returns. Its proximity to the national capital, Delhi, has made it a popular real estate destination in recent years. When the expressway is fully operational, projects in the surrounding area will have a much better response.

Source-ANI News

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